Erica Lembke

  • Department Chair - Special Education
  • Professor

Erica Lembke is a Professor in the Department of Special Education, a Senior Advisor for the National Center on Intensive Intervention, past-president of the national board of the Division for Learning Disabilities, and editor of the journal Assessment for Effective Intervention.

Her research interests include helping support teachers in data-based decision making through designing and implementing Curriculum-Based Measures in elementary and secondary grades and developing strategies to improve elementary students’ literacy and mathematics performance. She is currently completing a Goal 2 IES grant to study early writing assessment and intervention. Prior to that, she has served as Co-PI on a federally funded Goal 5 IES grant, as well as garnering several smaller subcontracts and institutional grants.

Areas of Expertise

  • Academic Interventions for Students Who Are Struggling or Identified with Special Needs
  • Development of Curriculum-Based Measurement Screening and Progress Monitoring Tools in Mathematics, Writing, Social Studies, and Science
  • Data Based Decision Making for teachers
  • Response to Intervention