ParentLink Kinship Navigator Program

ParentLink’s Kinship Navigator program covers the entire state of Missouri and provides ongoing, problem-solving support, quality information, and connection to services to kinship caregivers. Kinship care is an arrangement that allows grandparents, relatives, and non-relative loved ones to provide safe and caring homes for children when the parents cannot. Kinship arrangements can be an informal agreement between the parents and the caregivers or a formal placement that involves the child welfare system.

Whether your kinship care arrangement is informal or formal, long or short term, ParentLink can help you access the services, resources and support you need for yourself and the children in your care. You are not alone!

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Statewide Kinship Navigators

ParentLink’s Statewide Kinship Navigators are credentialed community health workers who assist caregivers in any county in Missouri by providing educational information, access to essential items, and connections to needed services. They understand the obstacles and opportunities for kinship families and work with them to navigate barriers to get the resources and supports they need.

Statewide Kinship Navigators can assist with areas such as:

• Finding transportation

• Assistance with housing and utility needs

• Connection to mental and behavioral health resources

• Access to developmental screenings for young children

• Finding household items, clothing, and diapers

To connect with a Statewide Kinship Navigator, join our virtual support group meetings or call our KIN-4-KID line at 1-833-546-4543.

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Informational and Support Opportunities

ParentLink is proud to offer a variety of educational and peer connection opportunities for kinship caregivers across the state.

In-Person Opportunities:
We offer information on topics ranging from trauma-informed parenting and parental substance abuse and overdose to cultural humility and depression in relative caregivers in face-to-face settings.

Virtual Opportunities:

Individuals can earn hours toward foster parent licensure by attending the virtual and in-person informational and support opportunities.

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ParentLink connects families to thousands of vetted resources across Missouri! Contact a Statewide Kinship Navigator, visit our Resources webpage, or call our KIN-4-KID line to learn more.

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Call Lines

ParentLink’s confidential phonelines are staffed by caring and qualified Family Support Specialists who help kinship caregivers:

  • Define their present needs and the needs of children in their care.
  • Develop a plan of action to address their identified needs.
  • Learn about helpful information and resources.

 Contact our Kin-4-Kid Line: 1-833-KIN-4-KID (1-833-546-4543)

 Contact our WarmLine: 1-800-552-8522 or 573-882-7323

Monday through Friday: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm
Weekends: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Missouri Kinship Navigator Steering Committee

The Missouri Kinship Navigator Steering Committee is comprised of kinship caregivers and professionals from various family serving agencies throughout the state of Missouri. The Committee is organized for the purpose of supporting Kinship Caregivers and providing statewide leadership to this population.

ParentLink’s programming for Kinship Caregivers is funded by Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and Missouri Department of Social Services, Children’s Division, Kinship Navigator Program..