Field experiences offer you real-world teaching experience in a classroom setting, providing you the opportunity to:

  • Observe a teacher’s techniques and strategies in practice;
  • Apply theories learned through your coursework;
  • Begin the process of becoming an inquiring, reflective professional.

Field experiences evolve as you progress through each phase of your program.

Phase I

Field experiences in Phase I include:

  • Sixteen hours in a classroom environment observing, tutoring and working with students individually or in small groups under host teacher supervision.
  • Twenty hours serving in community organizations (e.g. Big Brothers Big Sisters, Granny’s House, A Way with Words and Numbers, Adventure Club)
  • Phase I Educator Disposition Assessment
  • Engagement Strategies

Phase II

Field Experiences in Phase II coincide with your teaching methods courses.  You will spend between 24 and 90 hours per semester at your host school.  Your responsibilities will include:

  • Assisting with individual students or small groups activities;
  • Observing your host teacher;
  • Co-Teaching with your host teacher;
  • Teaching individual lessons.
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Phase III

Student Teaching Internship

During Phase III, you will participate in a full-time, 16-week student teaching internship. This internship allows you to apply your knowledge in the practice of full-time teaching.

You are assigned a master teacher to be your mentor and guide throughout this process. A detailed description of the internship’s requirements and expectations can be found in the student-teacher intern handbook.