December Porter Graham Staff Excellence Award Winner – Angie Hammons

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The Professional Staff Council would like to congratulate the December Porter Graham Staff Excellence Award recipient: Angie Hammons! Angie is the Director of Curriculum and IT for Mizzou Academy.

Angela Hammons

Kathryn Fishman-Weaver’s nomination

When Angie joined Mizzou Academy three years ago, she shared that her vision was to implement a course lifecycle process for our extensive curriculum. This represented a significant shift and improvement in our development processes. With this goal in mind, Angie has worked thoughtfully to gather feedback from teams and think strategically about how to improve our development processes. This year we are seeing many of the benefits of our new course lifecycle process including more predictable timelines, more intentional teaming, greater process consistency, and ultimately a more sustainable structure for development. I am grateful for Angie’s leadership in this space and want to congratulate her on her ongoing resolve to make this vision a reality. Thank you, Angie!

Stephanie Walters’ nomination

Angie joined Mizzou Academy three years ago and entered during a time of great growth and change for our team. I remember being struck by her positive attitude and her sense of possibility and calm. Three years later, her big smile and contagious laugh, her ability to both see the big picture and work out the details, and her steady presence are a gift to our team. Angie has created some new processes that have smoothed our work, and she’s always ready to jump right in and help across multiple teams. Her patience with us as we bombard her with technical questions and ask for help all throughout the day is pretty impressive, too. She keeps us smiling with her lighthearted nature, corny jokes, and memes, and we ALL appreciate her yummy treats. I’m thankful to work with Angie.

Brian Stuhlman’s nomination

Angie Hammons is a dynamo at the Mizzou Academy. I appreciate the WORK that she does…the work is intentional and it focuses on helping students learn and reach their full potential. I also appreciate the METHOD, or how she does her work. Angie is aware of the work, but also those who work with and for her. She never assigns without considering how all the work fits together, showing me (and others) that people must come first. She is kind and compassionate, and is always willing to share her advice and her experience. I appreciate what Angie brings to the very busy and complicated work that happens at Mizzou Academy.

Lisa Bax’s nomination

I would like to nominate Angie Hammons for the Porter Graham Staff Excellence Award. Angie embodies the values of the College of Education & Human Development. She works tirelessly to ensure that the courses and operations at Mizzou Academy are delivered seamlessly. She is always willing to help, no matter how complicated the issue. She empowers people to make their own decisions and is supportive of their decisions. Angie has helped create a better workflow for the course development, along with so many other processes at Mizzou Academy. Throughout the many challenges in the past few years, Angie has made a difference in our department and has positively impacted many people. Her skills, knowledge, willingness to help others, and dedication, make her an excellent candidate for the award.

Angie Hammons Porter Graham Zoom

Greg Soden’s nomination

Angela Hammons is the definitive professional in the College of Education and Human Development. Her work ethic is second to none and I mean that as sincerely as I can possibly convey in a short space. Angela knows everything that is happening the department at all times, is constantly in pursuit of improving our programming and access, and is responsive to concerns nearly round-the-clock. Angela Hammons deserves recognition for her leadership, dedication, and determination to make Mizzou Academy as strong as it can possibly be and her leadership will ensure the strength of our programming for years to come.

Lisa DeCastro’s nomination

Angie is a courageous and quiet leader who instills confidence in her team to produce our best work with realistic expectations. With our growing elementary program at Mizzou Academy, she has always been a voice of reason and looks out for us so that we can do the work in a sustainable and collaborative way. She is always willing to help out when we’re approaching crazy deadlines and doesn’t hesitate to ask what we need to get our work done. I appreciate Angie for all of the leadership and support she’s given to the Elementary team, and myself, at Mizzou Academy. She deserves to be recognized for her incredible work.

Julie Phelps’s nomination

Working with Angie Hammons is so enjoyable, that I have worked with her in three different jobs: eMINTS, Missouri S&T, Mizzou Academy. As “The Queen of Professional Development”, Angie not only encourages others to attend and present at conferences, she has organized numerous successful in-person and online conferences and professional development experiences. Angie strives for our organization to continually improve students’ learning experiences, but when our work is too much, Angie digs in and helps in any way possible. Her calendar is full of meetings, because she takes the time to meet with everyone in the department in large or small groups, as well as individually. With a smile and a sense of humor, Angie listens, solves problems, and helps out while making everyone feel valued.

Jacquelyn Kay’s nomination

I think Angie is the most under-appreciated person in the department. She does so much, but many outside of the team she supervises don’t really know all that she does to keep the department strong and healthy. She is constantly working toward innovations in automating processes on the technology side, but also for sensible, sustainable processes in how courses are created and managed. I am always amazed at the amount of information she is on top of how much she knows about about every aspect of the department. Further, she is always ready to jump in and help, no matter how busy she already is. She very much has a “we are all in this together” attitude and it is clear that she cares about the well-being of her team and the whole department. She makes others feel supported and appreciated.

Established by former Interim Dean Rose Porter, the Porter Graham Staff Excellence Award celebrates the dedication, resolve, leadership, and overall excellence of individuals making significant contributions to the MU College of Education & Human Development. Rose Porter has always been a strong advocate for staff, noting that “they keep the place running.” Jill Williams-Graham (M ED 1990) and her husband Dr. Steven Graham, Sr. Associate Vice-President, UM System, joined Dr. Rose Porter and her husband Dr. Michael Porter, recognizing the immense impacts staff have in the running of the college. 

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