November Porter Graham Staff Excellence Award Winner – Chevi’ White

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The Professional Staff Council would like to congratulate the November Porter Graham Staff Excellence Award recipient: Chevi’ White! Chevi’ is a Business Support Specialist for Mizzou Academy.

Chevi White

Kathryn Fishman-Weaver’s nomination

Chevi’ White has distinguished herself as a trusted advisor, valued problem-solver, and skilled navigator for our HR and fiscal processes. She works across teams and handles complicated and important documents with professionalism and grace. Over the past eighteen months Chevi’ has been instrumental in the reorganization of both our instructional and administrative teams. She consistently demonstrates an ongoing commitment to excellence and continued learning. Her reports and work have been noticed by administrators both inside and outside the organization. When this call for nominations went out, several people shared with me that they immediately of Chevi’. I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for your consideration of this outstanding staff member.

Angie Hammons’ nomination

Chevi’ White is an integral part of the Mizzou Academy staff. Chevi’ handles the fiscal responsibilities for Mizzou Academy. Chevi’ has worked Tami on all processes involving budget and reconciliations. She has worked to improve our processes across the fiscal organization. She also has taken on responsibilities surrounding HR and the processes for replacing individuals. She makes it incredibly easy to review candidates and set up interviews. She works with campus to make sure that we follow all the correct procedures. She also helps us handle all development contracts that we need in order to complete many of the projects we have going. Chevi’ also works with all things Accounts Payable. This means that she helps us procure software and make timely payment. Chevi’ is a wonderful teammate.

Tamara Regan’s nomination

Chevi’ White is a shining example of an outstanding team member! Her praises are sung across the department, as she affects each and every employee. From continually taking on more fiscal and HR responsibilities to suggesting improvement to processes, Chevi’ plays a pivotal role in all business activities. With increased, international interest in our program over the past 18 months, a large portion of my time and attention was shifted to our rapidly growing business; I leaned heavily on Chevi’ to manage the reoccurring HR/fiscal processes, and she far surpassed my expectations! Faced with an issue or something unknown, Chevi’ takes initiative and researches, seeking out information and solutions before approaching administration. Her dependability and initiative is to be commended!

Established by former Interim Dean Rose Porter, the Porter Graham Staff Excellence Award celebrates the dedication, resolve, leadership, and overall excellence of individuals making significant contributions to the MU College of Education & Human Development. Rose Porter has always been a strong advocate for staff, noting that “they keep the place running.” Jill Williams-Graham (M ED 1990) and her husband Dr. Steven Graham, Sr. Associate Vice-President, UM System, joined Dr. Rose Porter and her husband Dr. Michael Porter, recognizing the immense impacts staff have in the running of the college. 

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