June Porter Graham Staff Excellence Award Winner – Jackie Kay

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The Professional Staff Council would like to congratulate the June Porter Graham Staff Excellence Award recipient: Jackie Kay! Jackie is an Instructional Designer for Mizzou Academy.

Jackie Kay

Kathryn Fishman-Weaver’s nomination

So many people have reached out to share how much they appreciate Jackie Kay. One employee writes, “Jackie meets with me, listens to my questions, and offers brilliant advice…” Another says, “No part of her job is easy, and yet she does great work with a creative eye and with a focus on students.” Jackie is a creative force providing creative and purposeful leadership across our CoTeach courses. I’ll close with one more quote from a colleague, “Jackie works long hours to help writers and lead teachers deliver excellent products…course guides, activities, curriculum, and more. The work she does is done with students in mind, as she endeavors to create meaningful and intentional content and assessments. She goes above and beyond everyday.” Jackie, we are thankful for you!

Jackie Kay Porter Graham Staff Excellence Award screenshot

Angie Hammon’s nomination

It is a great joy to have the opportunity to nominate Jackie Kay for this award. Jackie joined our team two years ago, yet it feels like she has been a part of our work family since the beginning. Everyone who works with Jackie says something along these lines: She is SMART! She just gave me some great ideas for this project. She made me feel so better about this stressful/difficult/challenging problem I had! I join the whole team in saying that Jackie is just a pure joy to work with. As a talented instructional designer, she brings our course content to life while encouraging us all along the way. Jackie’s calm, steady presence, sense of humor, and clear thinking make us stronger. I am a huge Jackie fan and thankful to work with her.

Jackie Kay Porter Graham Staff Excellence Award screenshot

Brian Stuhlman’s nomination

Jackie’s daily routine starts with her going above and beyond the call of duty, which she manages by lunch. Then, the rest of her days see her rising above that. She is tenacious when it comes to seeing projects made right. Her work is always thoughtful, complete, and aesthetically pleasing. She is a joy to work with on projects because she GETS. IT. DONE. She gets her work done with class, with style, and with a steady focus on the students it will impact. She is a consummate professional and a delightful human being.

Jill Clingan’s nomination

Jackie is a tireless (well, “tireless” is probably not the right word—I am sure she is tired!) colleague who works hard and does such quality work. I love working with her because she is organized and unceasingly encouraging. When I am feeling absolutely overwhelmed, she (who has to be feeling overwhelmed herself!) always knows just what to say to encourage me to keep going. She deserves this award because she embodies the heart of it: dedication, resolve, leadership, and overall excellence.

Greg Soden’s nomination

Jackie Kay is a tremendously skilled and invaluable member of the Mizzou Academy team. Her constant course development, project management, and fantastic collegiality and friendship make the Mizzou Academy experience exponentially better for students across the globe. Students get to experience Jackie’s wide range of skills while she remains behind the scenes doing incredible work. I’m so lucky to have worked with Jackie and my projects have been immeasurably improved by her collaborations.

Porter Graham Staff Excellence Award, University of Missouri College of Education

Established by former Interim Dean Rose Porter, the Porter Graham Staff Excellence Award celebrates the dedication, resolve, leadership, and overall excellence of individuals making significant contributions to the MU College of Education. Rose Porter has always been a strong advocate for staff, noting that “they keep the place running.” Jill Williams-Graham (M ED 1990) and her husband Dr. Steven Graham, Sr. Associate Vice-President, UM System, joined Dr. Rose Porter and her husband Dr. Michael Porter, recognizing the immense impacts staff have in the running of the college. 

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