Student supports for the end of the semester

College of Education Faculty,

Thank you again for all of your tremendous work this semester during a very trying time! This email provides some additional information that can help you and our students successfully finish the Fall 2020 semester.

Adjusting to Meet Student Academic Needs

Students have reported that their instructors are checking with them about their stress and anxiety. You play a critical role in monitoring students and directing them toward various supports. In addition to asking students about their current challenges, we encourage you to provide flexible deadlines and adjust assignments so that students can have a successful semester. Modifying your approach to instruction can also reduce student anxiety and focus them on important learning goals in a course. Remember students are juggling multiple deadlines at the end of the semester and providing flexibility or moving deadlines can improve student learning and the quality of an assignment. 

Concern Reporting 

If you have concerns about a student, the various resources for concern reporting at Mizzou can be found here or you can contact the Associate Dean for Student Success & Academic Affairs, John Lannin

Health and Wellness 

Encouraging healthy activities is a key component of health and wellness. The Student Health Center and the Wellness Center are important resources in this regard. In addition, the Mizzou Counseling Center focuses on student mental health and well being. All faculty, staff, and students can download and use the Sanvello app that supports individual mental health.  

Financial Supports 

The current health crisis has created a number of financial challenges for families. The Mizzou Student Financial Aid Office supports student financial needs. In addition, please email to identify further supporting agencies at Mizzou and in the Columbia community. 

Community Connections

Continuing to engage with the Mizzou community is critical. Encouraging students to be involved with events in The Bridge, Student Organizations, the Black Culture Center, the International Center, the LGBTQ Center, and the Women’s Center are all possible venues where students can make connections with others.

Erica Lembke

Department Chair - Special EducationProfessor