Answering student COVID-19 questions

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Hi all,

I was recently asked how our leaders can answer a variety of questions that students have about COVID-19. This email is a quick take of resources that will help you and others answer frequently asked questions. There are misperceptions that getting COVID-19 testing is hard. (It isn’t.) That getting a referral costs money. (There are free options.) Or that we are hiding case information. (We don’t. We simply provide the county’s totals of student cases to the public.) Or that our testing strategy is not based in science. (It is and a hefty contact tracing and testing committee of experts developed our strategy. Here is a Show Me Mizzou story about that strategy.)

We want you and your teams to know exactly where to find updated campus COVID-19 information, including data trends and streamlined testing processes. Below are links to the top 10 most asked about areas of our COVID -19 plan.  We also attached PowerPoint slides faculty can use to highlight similar points for students.

  1. Should I and how do I get tested?
  2. The questions below are all answered on the same web page:  Resources for Students Dealing with COVID-19
  1. Learn about Mizzou’s testing strategy
  2. Data about MU cases
  3. Data about MU Health Care COVID testing – includes positivity rate
  4. Data about Boone County overall
  5. Students with any other question about a COVID-19 situation can call the MU Care Team at 573-777-2174 (8 a.m. – 8 p.m. daily) or email
  6. Reporting a positive test for students
  7. Reporting a student violation of a COVID-19 protocol
  8. Reporting a faculty or staff violation of a COVID-19 protocol

I hope this is helpful. And thanks to Cindy Hall for gathering this for our leaders. Feel free to share with anyone and everyone.

Thank you.


Kamrhan Farwell

Vice Chancellor and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

University of Missouri-Columbia and University of Missouri System

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