Artist in Residence – In Focus: Poetry


Do you remember the fun we had last September when the chalk artists did what looked like 3D installations across campus?  Remember the roaring tiger outside Jesse Hall? And the crevasse outside Bond Life Science Center?

Well the Artist in Residence program is not to be deterred by a pandemic. They have put together a COVID-compliant plan to launch this year’s Artist in Residence program. This  year’s event is called “In Focus: Poetry” and features six nights of art and poetry projected to the sides of three campus buildings. This approach allows for safe, quick viewing, from a distance. We encourage you, members of your department, students, and the community at large to visit these locations on foot, safely distanced and masked, or by driving by.

One special feature of “In Focus: Poetry” is that it is #MizzouMade. The graphic artist and all the poets are graduates of Mizzou.

The public art project will be featured on the following buildings from 8-10 p.m.:

  • Sept. 8:                 Jesse Hall, east side
  • Sept. 9:                 Agriculture Building, west side
  • Sept. 10:              Sinquefield Music Center, southwest side
  • Sept. 11:              Jesse Hall, east side
  • Sept. 12:              Agriculture Building, west side
  • Sept. 13:              Sinquefield Music Center, southwest side

The projected images will rotate each evening, featuring poetry from the works of Department of English graduates Katy Didden, Jennifer Maritza McCauley, Marc McKee, Rebecca Pelky and Kathryn Nuernberger. The graphic design visuals are created by School of Visual Studies graduate Cynthia Perez. The complete poems, as well as additional information on each poet and the artist, will be listed on AIR’s website.

Established in 2019, MU’s Artist in Residence is supported by the Office of the Chancellor and housed in the College of Arts and Science, in collaboration with the Museum of Art and Archaeology, School of Music, Department of Theatre, School of Visual Studies, and Department of English. Working together, these principals have focused the program’s mission to that of inviting established and emerging artists to MU to celebrate the arts and cultivate creativity across disciplines. The AIR helps to position MU as a national leader in supporting the arts and building a creative economy. Find out more at

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Pat Okker

Dean, College of Arts and Science