August Porter Graham Staff Excellence Award Winner – Michelle Nutter

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The Professional Staff Council would like to congratulate the August Porter Graham Staff Excellence Award recipient: Michelle Nutter, associate director for Adventure Club!

Katie Ensign’s nomination:

Michelle has taken a nearly impossible situation with the COVID-19 crisis and has made it possible for my co-workers and I to band together and remember what we’re here for–the kids and families. She has helped us get through the unknown and plan for the unknowable. She is a constant support for us even though she is so unbelievable busy, she always has time to give us a few uplifting words or remind us to just take a breath. She has been nothing but honest and kind to me and that is far better than nice any day. I am grateful she is my supervisor.

Amy Gaffney’s nomination:

Michelle Nutter embodies excellence. She continually evaluates and reevaluates her own performance and that of our program and makes changes accordingly. With her own restless enthusiasm for self-improvement, she is the gear that keeps the rest of us moving forward. On anonymous surveys, staff have remarked that they feel well-supported by Michelle. She provides assistance and guidance to staff in her charge and is not afraid to discuss areas for improvement, as well. She offers opportunities for training that will benefit her staff, both new and experienced. Michelle is an organization guru. She creates templates, calendars, schedules, and systems that we all use to make our jobs easier. Without watchful Michelle, we’d have missed opportunities at keeping our busy jobs manageable!

Stephanie Chauvin’s nomination:

Michelle is a wonderful role model for the college of education. She believes in our program and is always striving to be better and to take our program to it’s maximum potential. Michelle has an open door policy and is always willing to offer her help and feedback when we come to her. I think what Makes Michelle especially unique is she is always taking constructive feedback and making our opinions valuable in our program. She is the best boss/supervisor I have ever had and she really has helped make Adventure Club what it is today.

Rita Carlos Neto Regencio’s nomination:

Michelle has dedicated 20 years to the College of Education, and I’ve had the pleasure of working with her for the past five. She has greatly contributed to the efficiency of procedures, quality and impact of policies and performance of front line staff at Adventure Club. She mentors and supports Site Facilitators, listens and implements our suggestions, promotes and makes shouts outs, puts together a monthly Site Assistant newsletter to inform and recognize our student staff, helps with all high skilled work but is eager to help set up breakfast if needed. Recently, I had a major loss in my life and Michelle’s words and gestures, flexibility and support with work were invaluable. She got my back when I needed, and now I’m ready to give back to the program! She is an inspiring leader!

Porter Graham Staff Excellence Award, University of Missouri College of Education

Established by former Interim Dean Rose Porter, the Porter Graham Staff Excellence Award celebrates the dedication, resolve, leadership, and overall excellence of individuals making significant contributions to the MU College of Education. Rose Porter has always been a strong advocate for staff, noting that “they keep the place running.” Jill Williams-Graham (M ED 1990) and her husband Dr. Steven Graham, Sr. Associate Vice-President, UM System, joined Dr. Rose Porter and her husband Dr. Michael Porter, recognizing the immense impacts staff have in the running of the college. 

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