Updates 3.16

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A few updates and recommendations from the College’s leadership team: 

Meetings should be held remotely using Zoom or phone, rather than face-to-face. Even if everyone is on campus, this is the preferred method of communication.

Some faculty prefer to work at the office as their data or equipment is located there. We anticipate many will continue to work on campus. We ask that you keep your distance from others while you are in the office (e.g., you may Zoom with someone who is working in the office next to you).

Keep children at home during this time to reduce the spread of germs and protect those who are at risk. 

Be careful about what you are communicating directly to students. Policies should be conveyed by campus or system (e.g., pay) or college (e.g., state requirements for certification and graduation). Please communicate with students about your courses, but not about the virus and/or policies. This applies to Canvas course announcements as well as emails. If you have any questions about communication, please talk with your department chair and/or Steve Adams (adamsSt@missouri.edu).

We know this situation might feel frustrating to you and we want to be supportive. Please be careful what you are communicating in social media and in public spaces because we want to assure students and families. Please send concerns to your department chair or your faculty council representative and avoid communicating your frustrations about Mizzou externally on social media. Thank you to those who have been sharing positive messages and images from your online teaching via social media.

National recommendations are that we do not attend gatherings with 10 or more people. Please honor the health and wellbeing of your colleagues by following these recommendations. Consider the health consequences if you do return to campus after attending events. 

We encourage you to balance your responsibilities with time to rest, relax, and spend time on activities that bring you joy.

Check in with those who collaborate with you so that they are aware of changes and are being supported in their work. 

We continue to post messages on The Scoop so that you can access the archive.

If you need to forward your phone:

  • Press the button below the word Forward all on your phone screen.
  • Type the phone number you want to forward to, including the area code.
  • You should see a message on your phone screen that indicates your phone has been forwarded.
  • To unforward, press the button below the words Forward off on your phone screen.
  • You can also forward your phone through the Unified Communications Portal.

Thank you for your commitment and dedication to all those with whom you interact.

Sincerely, Kathryn and the Leadership Team