Important: Field Experience/Jobs/Pratica/Internships

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The following message regarding field experiences, jobs, practica, and internships was sent to students following the Chancellor’s email. Thank you, Kathryn

Mizzou Education Students,

Recently you received a message from Chancellor Cartwright about the status of Mizzou in-person classes. You may have field experiences, jobs, practica, or internships in schools and organizations off the Mizzou campus. This communication explains how the College of Education will approach these experiences March 12-20. 

You will continue to follow the school/agency schedules where you are assigned. Exceptions include students who:

  • are high risk (e.g., has a compromised immune system or a household member who is high risk),
  • feel sick,
  • have been exposed to someone who is sick, or 
  • do not feel comfortable for other reasons. 

If an exception applies, contact your host/supervisor and

Please be sure to read your Mizzou email on a daily basis because you will receive information from your instructors regarding classes.