New Faculty Hiring Process and Timeline

Posted in: Admin Notes

Submitting requests for faculty hires for 2021 will facilitate productive conversations about future trajectories and meeting strategic goals for the college. We have simplified the process this year with one form that can be found here. Hire request forms will be shared with all college faculty. The process and timeline follow:

  • March 10, 2020: Form and process sent to Faculty list and posted on The Scoop.
  • March 11-March 31: Forms prepared and emailed to
  • March 31 at 5:00 PM: Deadline for form submission.
  • April 1: Submitted forms sent to Faculty listserv.
  • April 1-April 7: Faculty provide input about submitted forms to their chairs/director and FAC representatives.
  • April 7: Faculty Open House
  • April 8: Academic Leadership team meets to discuss submitted forms. Additional data is generated related to specific submissions.
  • Week of April 13: Faculty Advisory Council meets with dean to discuss submitted forms per College policy.
  • Week of April 20: Academic Leadership team meets to discuss additional data and input from Faculty Advisory Council.
  • April 28 College-wide Meeting: Discuss next steps in the process.