2019 COACHE Results and Feedback Wanted

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I recently received the copy of the COACHE Survey results for the College of Education from the 2019 data collection. Here are the results as well as the goals that were established by the faculty in response to the results from the 2016 data collection.

2019 Results
2016 Goals

The report is divided into three major sections: 1. Introduction and University of Missouri results; 2. School or College results; and 3. Appendix.

The appendix shows the items included in each benchmark. These items can give you a much better insight into your COACHE results.

We would appreciate your input on the results and ideas for new goals and actions.

Based on the goals that were set in 2016, what progress has been made? What still needs improvement?

Based on the results from 2019, what should the priorities be for the next three years?

Representatives from the Academic Leadership Team, Diversity Committee, Policy Committee, and Faculty Advisory Council welcome your comments and suggestions for next steps. In addition, Dr. Leigh Neier served as the co-chair for the Campus COACHE Committee. You may want to attend the campus forum with Leigh on March 10 at Memorial Union, N214 AB from 12-1pm.

The next College Faculty Open House is scheduled for April 7 from 10-11 in 314 Hill Hall. That could be a good space for faculty to discuss results and recommendations. Some additional resources are listed below.

Thank you, Kathryn

I also recommend reviewing the materials via the Provost’s COACHE webpage, especially the campus COACHE 2019 Report, which mirrors the college report in form.