MU Space Reduction and Strategic Relocation Plan

Quarterly Update 5

February 2020


Through a multi-phase process, MU will work with deans, department heads and the faculty-led Campus Space Utilization Committee and Campus Facilities Planning Committee to remove 750,000 gross square feet of building space from the campus by 2023-24.  This strategy advances MU’s goal of bringing total building space in line with the operations budget and will help the university provide better quality, mission-driven spaces that support the best learning environments.

Current Phase 1 Status:

The MU Space Reduction Plan was initiated in 2017.  Please see Quarterly Updates 1-4 for previous initiatives. 

The following milestones have been achieved:

  • Planning is complete for Phase 1 space reduction.  Phase 1 includes the following projects:
    • Mizzou North:  planned divestment to an outside entity.  Uses will be relocated as follows:
      • MU Museums will move to the Student Success Center. 
      • The School of Health Professions (SHP) psychology labs and clinics will move in phases to Clark Hall.
      • SHP clinics and research will move to Lewis Hall.
      • SHP radiography space will move to Lewis/Clark halls.
      • OSPA and TAO will move to Jesse Hall.
      • Nursing offices and labs will move to the Sinclair School of Nursing when its new building is operational.
      • Various other supporting projects.
  • Design or construction is underway for the following projects:
    • Law Enforcement Training Institute will move to ARC space.
    • Student Experience Center:  a core group of student services spaces has been identified to be relocated to one central area within Ellis Library.
    • Student Success Center:  relocation from its building on Lowry Mall to Ellis Library.
  • Projects completed:
    • Human Resources:  relocation from Parking Structure 7 to Jesse Hall basement.

Current Phase 2 Status:

The following milestones have since been achieved:

  • Planning is underway for the following projects:
    • Loeb Hall:  planned demolition.
    • Parker Hall:  planned demolition.
    • Noyes Hall:  planned demolition.
    • Old Student Health:  planned demolition.
    • Columbia Professional Building:  planned demolition.
    • London Hall:  planned demolition.
    • Pickard Hall:  planned remediation and demolition.
  • Design or construction is underway for the following project:
    • College of Education programs from London:  designs underway to reaccommodate these programs in Townsend Hall.
  • Relocation is planned or in progress for the following projects:
  • Old Student Health Building occupants will be relocated to other Engineering spaces.
  • Occupants of London Hall are currently moving into Hill Hall and Townsend Hall.
  • Projects completed:
    • College of Education occupants of Noyes Hall have relocated to Hill Hall and Townsend Hall.
    • Parking and Transportation:  relocation from Turner Avenue Parking Garage to General Services Building.
    • Loeb Hall occupants have moved to the new School of Music Building.

Phase 3 planning:

Concurrent with the Phase 1 and Phase 2 work, MU’s Campus Space Utilization Committee and Campus Facilities Planning Committee are engaged in the next phase of space reduction opportunities.  This pre-phase work includes ongoing conversations with deans and department heads to consider demolition and divestment opportunities and to identify and assess potential receiving spaces for impacted departments and uses.  Current assessment includes Waters Hall and Curtis Hall. 

  • Planning is underway for the following projects:
    • McKee Gym (planned demolition).
    • Read Hall (planned demolition).
    • Neff Addition (planned demolition).
    • 207 Hitt Street (planned divestment).
    • 209 Hitt Street (planned divestment).

Swing space process:

As planning moves forward through its phases, deans and department heads will meet with Space Planning & Management to identify any needed swing space, and coordinate length of need, intra-departmental proximity, etc.  If space is not available on campus, Space Planning & Management will help departments identify off-campus leasing opportunities.


  • Human Resources space has been completed and is 25% more efficient than its previous space in Parking Structure #7.
    • Environmental Health & Safety was relocated to the General Services Building.  In so doing, their space was made 50% more efficient and eliminated a building with $2 million in deferred maintenance and capital needs.
    • 26,060 sf of space (Fine Arts Annex & Research Park Development Building) was demolished in Phase 1.