Important!!! Upgrade to Exchange MU email servers over the weekend!

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Over the weekend (12am on Sunday the 15th) DoIT will be upgrading the Exchange mail servers on campus. After this update 3 things might happen with our computer/phones/devices that have MU email accounts on them:

  • A basic authentication prompt the first time the clients see the new update, reenter your username and password or click agree/accept on any prompt that comes up;
  • An “AutoDiscover certification” prompt, users should only have to accept it once;
  • Additionally, clients may see a pop-up “The Administrator has made a change to your mailbox, please restart Outlook”. Restarting the Outlook client will be required.

If you have any questions or issues please call the main IT helpdesk at 573-882-5000.

Watch The Scoop for more updates as they become available.


Seth Lammers

Senior Manager, Information Technology