A new structure for Affordable & Open Educational Resources grant opportunities

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A&OER Grant Program Reimagined (FY 2020)

The UM System is excited to announce a new structure for grant opportunities that will provide funding for Faculty Advocates who support the Affordable & Open Educational Resources (A&OER) initiatives. Applications are due August 30.

About Becoming an A&OER Advocate

Full-time faculty members who teach and have used open educational resources (OER) in their classes are eligible to apply to become an A&OER Advocate for their department at their university. The Faculty Advocate will complete nine months of assessment and surveys in their department and host events to familiarize others with the A&OER process and benefits.

Near the end of the spring semester, the advocate will complete an assessment to determine the feasibility and interest of their department in applying for a grant to convert all classes to A&OER. Advocates receive $2500/semester (i.e. Fall and Spring).

To submit your proposals, or for more information, visit the A&OER webpage. For support, reach out to us via email at umoer@umsystem.edu