Space Report

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Thank you to all of you who were involved with moves this summer. Many staff members helped with organizing, packing, and coordinating as 46 employees moved into new work spaces. In addition, College of Education employees moved out of London Hall and Noyes Hall. With this reduction, 21% of our benefit-eligible employees are now working remotely.

At one of the recent staff open houses, a suggestion was made to create a directory so that “people can be found in their new spaces.” Emily Kebert did a great job creating the floor plan layouts (pages 3-9) and alphabetical listing of office assignments (pages 10-11) for Hill and Townsend Halls in the Space Report. Download the document so the layout appears properly on your device. As changes or corrections are made, the updated version will be in Box and accessible via this link. Each version will be dated.

A special thanks to Associate Dean Lannin for leading this effort and to Shawna Nichols & Tina Edholm for coordinating and assisting with the many moves that occurred and have yet to occur.

We still await some decisions from campus on remodeling in Townsend Hall and will continue our conversations this next year about effective uses of our space. Our next open houses for faculty and staff are scheduled for August 28.

The Reflector will be open when Townsend Hall is open. The main floor of the Reflector can be reserved for larger events via Shawna Nichols.

Thank you, Kathryn