According to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Migrant English Language Learners (MELL) program is designed to use existing resources to better serve English Language Learners (ELLs) and migrant students, to prevent duplication of services, and to allow most Title I-C and Title III funds to reach districts with needy children. MELL staff provide service delivery at strategic locations throughout the state. Each center is staffed with at least one instructional specialist, and regions with a high incidence of migrants are also staffed with a migrant recruiter.

The Heart of Missouri RPDC MELL consultant is available to work with schools with English learners at any level within the designated service area. Technical assistance is available to ensure that English learners and migrant students receive the support and education to which they are entitled.

Missouri Migrant Education Program

Missouri Migrant Education Program Coordination Meeting. Teresa Cox with ESCORT will be reviewing the MEP, ESCORT’S role and tasks, identification and recruitment, parent involvement, and examine the tiered monitoring and on-site review protocols and expectation

Lunch, water, and coffee will be provided. There is no cost to attend this meeting.

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MELL Instructional Specialist

Cynthia Chasteen

Improvement Consultant - Migrant/English Language Learners

MELL Instructional Specialist Coverage Map

Missouri ELL Contact Information and MELL Instructional Specialist Coverage Map, Migrant English Language Learners, Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Heart of Missouri Regional Professional Development Center, RPDC, an outreach unit of the University of Missouri College of Education