Warapark Maitreephun

  • Doctoral Candidate

Dissertation and Abstract

Preparing public school leaders for culturally, linguistically, and religiously diverse communities: An exploratory multiple-case study of faculty in Southeast Asia

Preparing government school leaders for culturally, linguistically, and religiously (CLR) diverse communities, and particularly during the ongoing insurgent violence, is challenging and probably not a trouble-free task for faculty members in leadership preparation programs. To discover faculty’s working experiences, the purposes of this exploratory case study are 1) to explore faculty’s perceptions of their teaching role in preparing government school leaders for CLR diverse communities, and 2) to understand how they perceive what it means to practice CLR responsive school leadership in Thai government schools. To gather data, three-interview series with six faculty members, document collection, and classroom observation, were conducted in the southernmost region of Thailand. The result of this study is expected to strengthen CRL responsive school leadership theory and practices congruent with the community context of southern Thailand, beyond the Western cultural context, that needs to be explored (e.g., Johnson, 2014; Ylimaki & Jacobson, 2013).

Advisor: Emily Crawford-Rossi

Expected graduation date: May 2019