Van Nguyen

  • Doctoral Candidate

Dissertation and Abstract

Vietnamese Educational Leaders as Border Crossers: Vietnam and Academic and Career Guidance and Counseling Programs

The purpose of this qualitative case study is to explore how Vietnamese high school principals perceive career and academic guidance and counseling (ACGC) activities in terms of preparing students for their further education and career and what they think is necessary or to prepare students for future academic and career paths. Then, this study seeks to explore what obstacles principals need to overcome in order to start designing and implementing these activities as well as in what ways they can implement these activities for their students. The primary data for this research will mainly come from individual semi-structured interviews with 11 Vietnamese high school principals from both high and low performing urban and suburban high schools with a positive reputation on ACGC activities for their students in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Findings from this study are potential to show the significance and meaning of critical educators or border crossers’ behaviors who go beyond and above their responsibilities by inventing new educational opportunities in order to better facilitate the academic and career development of all students and ultimately the betterment of education and the society. Moreover, as a guideline, implications drawn from the reseach are also potential to benefit a variety of audiences including policy-makers, educators, community members, and family who want to offer necessary support in the process of organizing ACGC activities for students at high schools.

Advisor: Emily Crawford-Rossi

Expected graduation date: Dec. 2018