Stacey Hamann

  • Pre-ETS Specialist

Stacey has both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree of Science in Special Education. She retired after 27 years of teaching Missouri students with disabilities of all age levels, in a variety of public-school settings. Stacey has also served in several leadership roles as a special educator. She joined the Horizons Team serving Missouri Schools for the Severely Disabled in 2021. Stacey has a lifelong passion for serving students and their families. Stacey and her husband have two married children, four grand pups, three grand kitties, and a cat, two Golden Retrievers and four goats of their own. Stacey makes her home in Blue Springs, Missouri.

She serves the following Missouri Schools for the Severely Disabled: Helen Davis; Lakeview Woods; Maple Valley: Trails West; and Verelle Peniston. She also serves the Lafayette High School Targets Program.