Rosalie Metro

  • Associate Teaching Professor

Rose Metro holds a Ph.D. from Cornell University. She conducted her doctoral research in Thailand and Burma/Myanmar, and she is interested in the conflicts that arise around history, identity, and language in the classroom. She has taught social studies at the secondary level in the Bronx, NY and in and Columbia, MO. She serves as a Burmese language interpreter for Columbia Public Schools, and is conducting research on how Burmese refugee students fare in US schools. Her articles have appeared in Comparative Education Review, Anthropology & Education Quarterly, and International Review of Qualitative Research, as well as in a number of edited volumes. Her textbook, Teaching US History Thematically: Document Based Lessons for the Secondary Classroom, was published by Teachers College Press in 2017, and Teaching World History Thematically: Essential Questions and Document-Based Lessons to Connect Past and Present was published in 2020.

Areas of Expertise

  • Education of refugees and immigrants
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Social Studies Education
  • Standards Based Grading and Assessment for Learning