Lindsay Brockmeier

  • Doctoral Student

Lindsay Brockmeier is a graduate research assistant in the Prosocial Development & Education Research Lab and a doctoral student in Educational Psychology at the University of Missouri. She previously worked as a school counselor, which prompted her to continue her studies with the goal of bridging the gap between academia and k-12 school settings. Her research interests include adolescent social-emotional learning & prosocial development and creating learning environments that support positive school climate.

Lindsay currently oversees the following projects:

  • Prosocial and Active Learning (PAL) Classroom: PAL Classrooms aims to increase student prosocial behavior in a technology-rich, collaborative, problem-based learning (PBL) context. The goal is to help teachers create learning environments where students are treated with dignity and respect to build more harmonious classrooms. The project is a randomized controlled trial that is evaluating the effectiveness of the PAL intervention.
  • The Leader in Me (TLIM) Effectiveness Study: This project assesses the effectiveness of TLIM program on student and teacher social-emotional well-being.
  • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Perceptions: In collaboration with the Missouri State Teacher’s Association (MSTA), this project aims to assess teachers’ perceptions of SEL programs, as well as the level of implementation of these programs throughout Missouri public schools, both prior to and during the COVID pandemic.