Charles Munter

Charles Munter

  • Associate Professor

Charles Munter joined the Mizzou faculty in the fall of 2016, after 8 years as a high school mathematics teacher, a Ph.D. in mathematics education at Vanderbilt University, and a previous faculty appointment at the University of Pittsburgh. This fall he is teaching an elementary math methods course (LTC 4300) and leading seminar for secondary math ed student teachers. In the spring he will be teaching a secondary math methods course (LTC 4590W) and Connecting Geometry to Middle and Secondary Schools, which is open to masters (MATH 7060) and undergraduate (MATH 4060) students. 

His research focuses primarily on inservice, secondary teacher learning and district-level policy contexts, including foci on the institutional setting of teaching and designing for equity. Recent publications include:

Haines, C., & Munter, C. (2020). Teachers’ grouping strategies: Implications for equityTeaching for Equity and Excellence in Mathematics, 11(1), 6–13.

Munter, C., & Haines, C. (2019). Mathematics teachers’ enactment of cognitively demanding tasks and students’ perception of racial differences in opportunityMathematical Thinking and Learning, 21(3), 155–177.

Wallace, T. L. & Munter, C. (2019). Adolescent perceptions of being known in the mathematics classroomJournal of Mathematical Behavior, 54, 100677. 

Munter, C., & Haines, C. (2019). “Students get what flows downward”: District leaders’ rationalizations of the standardized testing of childrenThe Educational Forum, 83(2), 160–180.

Heyd-Metzuyanim, E., Munter, C., & Greeno, J. (2018). Conflicting frames: A case of misalignment between professional development efforts and a teacher’s practice in a high-school mathematics classroomEducational Studies in Mathematics, 97(1), 21–37.

Munter, C., & Correnti, R. (2017). Examining relations between mathematics teachers’ instructional vision and knowledge and change in practice. American Journal of Education, 123(2), 171–202.

Recent presentations include:

Munter, C., Nguyen, P., & Quinn, C. (2020). Complexity and proximity: Framing school mathematics challenges inside and outside metropolitan areas. In M. Gresalfi & I. S. Horn, (Eds.), Proceedings of the 14th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (pp. 2477–2482). Nashville, TN: International Society of the Learning Sciences.

Munter, C., & Bohle, E. (2018, July). Using mathematics to investigate the current and past state of the Black vote in America. Three example lessons presented at the annual Teaching Black History Conference, Columbia, MO.

Areas of Expertise

  • Teacher Learning
  • Classroom Mathematics Instruction
  • Institutional Settings of Teaching
  • Design Research
  • Equity