Amy Lannin

Amy Lannin

  • Associate Professor
  • Director, Campus Writing Program
  • Director, Missouri Writing Projects Network

Areas of Expertise

  • Writing and Literacy
  • Professional Development and the teaching of writing
  • Writing Instruction and Assessment


Amy Lannin directs the Campus Writing Program at the University of Missouri.  In addition, Lannin is an Associate Professor of English education in the College of Education.  Lannin has taught courses on the teaching of writing, literature and media.  She has also taught graduate seminars and advises doctoral students.  Lannin’s research includes the impact of professional development on teacher practice and student achievement and aspects of writing instruction and assessment.  For several years, Amy has been involved with the National Writing Project, currently serving as director for the Missouri Writing Project and the state network of five NWP sites: the Missouri Writing Projects Network.