Family Support Senior Coordinator (Full-Time)

Position located in Columbia, MO.

Qualifications: A qualified person for this position will have their Master’s degree in counseling, child development and family studies, social work, education, health administration, or related field; Five years of working with parents/children/families as an educator, counselor, social worker, health educator, or related field. A licensed counselor, psychologist, or social worker is preferred.


  • WarmLine Administration
    • Supervise and direct all WarmLine staff in carrying out WarmLine protocol.
    • Coordinate the WarmLine schedule and staff training.
    • Oversee efforts of each WarmLine Family Support Specialist to ensure quality of service to all families.
    • Offer support to WarmLine staff through consultation as needed, occasionally during evenings and weekends.
    • Review staff cases for inconsistency, thoroughness, and completion.
    • Consult with WarmLine staff on questions/issues with cases.
    • Collaborate with Operations to ensure all WarmLine obligations are met per contract and to ensure protocol for WarmLine best practices continues to be updated, making recommendations for changes as needed.
    • Manage the client database.  Ensure data is entered according to protocol.
    • Collaborate with ParentLink program leads to interface WarmLine with the Navigator project, Kinship programming, TEL-LINK, and Operations (data management, technology, material distribution, public relations, etc.)
    • Analyze need and best practices and determine protocol in conjunction with the ParentLink leadership team.
  • Family Support Specialist
    • Analyze requests related to family concerns and based on analysis, provide appropriate problem-solving support, research-based information, and referrals to services.
    • Dialogue through a variety of mediums including but not limited to telephone, texting, Facebook, hard copy, twitter, and face-to-face.
    • Complete data intake for each inquiry.
    • Provide follow-up to clients as guided by protocol


Current University of Missouri Employees

Prospective Employees