Critical Messages from College Scholars

Thank you to colleagues in the College of Education who have invested time this week (and every week for that matter) to raise their voices and display leadership. I am grateful for your talent, wisdom, and generosity. In this communication, I share the advice of voices that are more knowledgeable, important and influential.

Congrats Class of 2020!

The class of 2020 is one for the record books! We couldn’t be prouder of the hard work and accomplishments of our #MizzouEdMade grads. Take a look at some of the ways we celebrated!

#MizzouMade Poonita Sheevam

Growing up, Poonita Sheevam wasn’t always a fan of school. Sometimes her parents had to make her stop coloring and playing and get into the classroom. Now she has a versatile degree that has given her a solid foundation in education, while letting her explore her passions.

#MizzouMade Nancy Anzalone

Nancy Anzalone of California was looking for her next life challenge after retiring from a career in in the motion picture industry. She found the perfect fit: Mizzou SISLT’s master’s degree in instructional design.

#MizzouMade Shane Lowe

Shane Lowe came to Mizzou from Kearney, Missouri, to become an engineer, and he leaves to begin a career in education in North Carolina.

#MizzouMade Sandra Gomez

#MizzouMade Sandra Gomez will be headed to New York City to pursue her PhD after earning her master’s degree in counseling psychology.

#MizzouMade Niki Mitchem

Niki Mitchem, from St. Joseph, Missouri, never had a doubt that she would attend Mizzou as an undergrad. Now there’s no doubt she will be attending Mizzou as an MPER Scholars master’s student while she begins her teaching career.

#MizzouMade Kelley Fowler

Graduating senior Kelley Fowler has turned her international educational experience into a prestigious Fulbright teaching assistantship in Taiwan.

#MizzouEdMade Amanda Allen

#MizzouMade Amanda Allen will be an assistant professor of school psychology after earning her doctorate degree and completing a clinical experience at one of the largest school districts in the country.