MU Pre-Employment Transition Service (Pre-ETS), an outreach program of the MU College of Education, offers no-cost pre-employment transition services provided to Missouri public school students with disabilities, ages 16-21, who are potentially eligible for vocational rehabilitation services. These services are designed to make an impactful difference for more students with disabilities at an earlier age which will lead to better coordination, enhanced communication, stronger collaboration, and increased successful post-school outcomes. If interested contact MU Pre-ETS for a specialist in your area.

Examples of lessons and activities: 

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Pre-ETS First in MO to Teach Transition Skills Using the NextUp Curriculum

When faced with customizing lessons for over 400 districts and 490 buildings, the MU Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) has chosen to augment current tools with the NextUp Curriculum. Developing comprehensive transition material for so many classrooms and individuals is time consuming, and it is difficult to measure effectiveness. The NextUp program gives teachers innovative and customizable tools to enhance classroom-learning experiences, and help students achieve employment success.  It has reduced planning time and increased time in direct student instruction or creating work based learning experiences.  This unique curriculum is updated weekly, allows teachers access to supplemental materials and past lessons, and is accessible to students and families outside of the classroom.  It includes video lessons to build pre-employment, on-the-job and independent living skills, a method to track employment success and earn a place in the NextUp League, tips and information through social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and a certificate of NextUp program completion for employment portfolio or resume.  Click here for more information about the Next Up Curriculum.