Congrats Class of 2020!

The class of 2020 is one for the record books! We couldn’t be prouder of the hard work and accomplishments of our #MizzouEdMade grads. Take a look at some of the ways we celebrated!

#MizzouMade Poonita Sheevam

Growing up, Poonita Sheevam wasn’t always a fan of school. Sometimes her parents had to make her stop coloring and playing and get into the classroom. Now she has a versatile degree that has given her a solid foundation in education, while letting her explore her passions.

#MizzouMade Nancy Anzalone

Nancy Anzalone of California was looking for her next life challenge after retiring from a career in in the motion picture industry. She found the perfect fit: Mizzou SISLT’s master’s degree in instructional design.

#MizzouMade Shane Lowe

Shane Lowe came to Mizzou from Kearney, Missouri, to become an engineer, and he leaves to begin a career in education in North Carolina.

#MizzouMade Sandra Gomez

#MizzouMade Sandra Gomez will be headed to New York City to pursue her PhD after earning her master’s degree in counseling psychology.

#MizzouMade Niki Mitchem

Niki Mitchem, from St. Joseph, Missouri, never had a doubt that she would attend Mizzou as an undergrad. Now there’s no doubt she will be attending Mizzou as an MPER Scholars master’s student while she begins her teaching career.

#MizzouMade Kelley Fowler

Graduating senior Kelley Fowler has turned her international educational experience into a prestigious Fulbright teaching assistantship in Taiwan.

#MizzouEdMade Amanda Allen

#MizzouMade Amanda Allen will be an assistant professor of school psychology after earning her doctorate degree and completing a clinical experience at one of the largest school districts in the country.