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College Colors Day 2016

Laurie Kingsley receives award for distinguished teaching

Laurie Kingsley is the 2016 Maxine Christopher Shutz Award recipient for Distinguished Teaching

MU SISLT certificate program receives national endorsement from AECT

SISLT is one of only four programs to be granted endorsements nationally

Real educational reform for black people must also take place outside of schools

Educators looking to make a difference in the lives of black males need to focus on “community-based pedagogical spaces” says a new book from Ty-Ron Douglas.

Bullying Likely to Result in Aggressive Responses by Children with Disabilities

A new study from the University of Missouri has found that children with disabilities are more likely to respond aggressively when they are bullied.

“Positive Coaching” Workshop Now Free to All Missouri High Schools

The Missouri Institute for Positive Coaching (MIPC) and the MU College of Education have made the Positive Coaching Digital Workshop free to schools throughout the entire state

Dean’s invitation to discuss hate speech incidents

The Bridge is one of the venues we have to discuss and support one another.

New Screening Tool Can Help Identify Failing Kindergarteners

Researchers have developed a one-item readiness test that can accurately predict kindergarteners’ success in school.

Early-Life Language Stimulation, Skills May Prevent Childhood Depression

The level of language skills young children possess can predict the likelihood they may experience depression.

Associate Professor part of team behind $12M program

A faculty member is part of a five-year, $12 million contract to deliver a comprehensive data science education for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).