This page is dedicated to celebrating our amazing MissOURi kinship caregivers. You inspire us every day to make our program the very best it can be to serve you and your family. We are here to support you! Thank you for all that you have done and all you continue to do to support the children in your care!

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Kinship Caregiver Advisory Committee

ParentLink is so fortunate to have an amazing group of kinship caregivers volunteer to serve on our Kinship Caregiver Advisory Committee. Committee members meet with ParentLink kinship staff to offer insight regarding their experience with ParentLink and our Kinship Navigator program. Together, the committee determines how to shape our Kinship Navigator programming by building on current strengths and identifying potential gaps in processes, services, and resources. Thank you, committee members!!

If you are a kinship caregiver or were raised in a kinship family and would like to join ParentLink’s Kinship Caregiver Advisory Committee, please email or call our Kin-4-Kid line at 1-833-KIN-4-KID (1-833-546-4543).

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Recorded Stories

Each kinship story is unique. While kinship families have some things in common, every journey kinship caregivers experience when caring for another’s child is their own. We are so fortunate to have kinship caregivers across Missouri share the story of their kinship journey!

We are also excited to share stories of success when kinship caregivers have their needs and the needs of the children in their care met when working with ParentLink staff.

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Poems and Writings

View poems and other literatures written for and by kinship caregivers.

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Benefits to Children in Kinship Families

Kinship caregivers of all types are critically important because they care for children so they do not end up in foster care with unfamiliar adults. Being in kinship families greatly improves outcomes for the children. Child development scholars recognize the tremendous benefits of kinship care for children.

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