AARP Grandparent Information Center

Offers resources for grandparents of all types – those living close by or long distance, grandparents raising grandchildren, step grandparents, or those with visitation issues.

601 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20049

Generations United

A national membership organization focused on improving the lives of children, youth, and older adults through intergenerational strategies, programs, and public policies. Their website provides resources, fact sheets, and information about local, regional, state, and national support groups and services for grandparents raising grandchildren.

1331 H Street NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC 20005

Military OneSource

Military One Source is free to service members and their eligible family members. Your work will help them build on their strengths, teach them to maximize their support systems, and help them find community resources to meet their needs.

National Coalition for Grandparents

A coalition of grandparent caregivers who work for legislation and other policy changes in support of relative caregivers.

137 Larkin St.
Madison, WI 53705
Contact: Ethel Dunn

National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections

The National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections is a training, technical assistance, and information services organization dedicated to help strengthen the capacity of State, local, Tribal and other publicly administered or supported child welfare agencies.

North American Council on Adoptable Children

An organization dedicated to those grandparents and other relative caregivers who are raising their grandchildren, their nieces or nephews either by court order or voluntarily. The website provides online support groups, information and referrals for kin caregivers.

970 Raymond Avenue, Suite 106
Saint Paul, MN 55114

Relatives as Parents Program

Listings of local, regional, and state relatives-as-parents programs, state fact sheets on kinship care, and links to other relatives-as-parents program websites and resources.

Contact: Melinda Perez-Porter

Starkey Hearing Foundation

6700 Washington Ave. South
Eden Prairie, MN 55344