The MPER Operations Council consists of partner school personnel, College of Education Faculty, College of Arts & Science Faculty, Community Colleges Faculty, a representative from the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education, and MPER office staff. The Operations Council is responsible for the implementation of MPER programs, decisions on operational issues, and communication between MPER and Partner Schools.

Operations Council Representatives

  • Partner School personnel (based on student population)
    • Elected Partner School Chairperson
  • 6 faculty representatives from the College of Education
  • 2 faculty representatives from the College of Arts & Science
  • 1 faculty representative from each Community College member
  • 1 representative from the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education
  • 1 representative from the Regional Professional Development Center
  • MPER office staff


Partner School representatives serve on the Operations Council for a minimum of two academic years. Higher education faculty representatives serve one year terms.

The Chairperson serves for a two year term beginning at the summer retreat. The Chairperson’s responsibilities include quarterly meeting agenda planning, facilitate of quarterly meetings, and representation of the Operations Council on the Governing Board.


MPER designates the time and place for regular quarterly meetings. Special meetings may be called by MPER Co-Directors. Minutes are recorded at each meeting by the MPER coordinator and distributed via email. Previous minutes are approved at the beginning of each meeting.