If you seek to enroll part-time in one or a few courses, but don’t plan on graduating with a high school diploma, here is the application and enrollment process.

1. Pre-enrollment steps:

2. Choose a course: Find a course (or courses) and add it to your Backpack (the online bookshelf to hold courses you are interested in). When you have made your final selection(s), click the “Get Started” link in your Backpack, then log in or create an account. If you have never created a Tiger Portal log in, you must create a new account. 

3. Complete the request form in Tiger Portal and submit the application.

Please note: Once the request form is complete, students will receive an email with login credentials to the Tiger Portal. This does NOT guarantee enrollment in a class; course selections must first be approved.

4. Counselor approval: Provide your full-time school affiliate and counselor information. The counselor will have or will be sent login credentials to the Tiger Portal. The counselor may then approve or deny the course request. If the student’s full-time school affiliate and/or counselor is not listed, choose “Not Listed – NEW” from the Affiliate dropdown list. Then select “Counselor: Not Listed” and provide: 

Counselor’s first/last name and professional email

Homeschool students and students requesting middle school courses should select “Homeschool” or “Middle School” as the affiliation, respectively, in the online course request process. Please select Tiger, Truman as the counselor; Mizzou Academy staff will process the enrollment.

5. Tuition payment: Once approved by their full-time school affiliate, students will be notified via email to log in to the Tiger Portal and process payment.

6. Get access: Tuition and fees must be paid in full before access to coursework will be granted.

7. Order materials: To order any needed materials, use the link provided in the confirmation email, the link provided in the course description online, or visit the Virtual Bookstore.

8. Verify enrollment accuracy: Students who think they may not be enrolled in the correct course should contact us immediately.

9. Begin your journey: Log in to your Tiger Portal regularly, and review the syllabus and course introductory information for your class.

Part-Time Application paper applications can be mailed to 303 Townsend Hall, Columbia, MO 65211 and incur an additional $20 processing fee.