Most Mizzou Academy exams require proctoring. Among other options listed on the Exam Proctoring page, students may choose online proctoring via a webcam based service, Examity, in certain courses. This allows the student to not have a physical proctor at their location, but a virtual, online proctor. To learn whether this is available in your course, simply log into the course and look for an Online Proctoring Resources Module.

Some exams will allow a personal whiteboard (aka small dry erase board) and marker for notes. (See example here.) You will need to wipe your board clean in front of the proctor when done. Please check your syllabi to see if this allowed for your course. Scrap paper is only allowed on exams that specifically state it is allowed. 

This is a particularly good option when students experience challenges scheduling proctors at the their location.

Registering an Account and Scheduling an Exam

  • Ensure that all of your required lessons are submitted and graded before your scheduled exam time. If you are unable to access your exam due to incomplete homework, your Examity fee will not be refunded.
  • Email Mizzou Academy and let them know you are using Examity as a proctor for an Exam. You can copy and paste the following statement into your email (filling in the blanks):  
    • “My name is [your name], and I am in the course [course title]. I will be using Examity as my proctor for my [Midterm/Final] Exam.”
  • Login to the course in Canvas. Courses that offer this service will have an Online Proctoring Resources Module. Navigate to and click on the Examity Link within your course.
  • You will automatically have an account created for you and you will be logged in after you click the link; first-time users can set up their profile and can schedule a proctor appointment.
  • Returning users can schedule, reschedule, or cancel an appointment using the same process
  • Appointment times can be anytime (24 hours a day). Cancellations should be arranged 48 hours in advance, and those with less than 24 hours in advance will incur an additional $5 fee.
  • Plan to log in 15 minutes prior to the scheduled test time. This allows time for verification of identity and making sure your webcam and microphone work.
  • Students are required to schedule and pay for the time allotted for the test in Canvas, regardless of how long it takes to complete the exam. Please check the syllabus or exam page for test duration information.
  • Students will be required to show a valid English photo identification card to register an account and at exam time. The identification should match the student name as it is in Canvas. It must be either government-issued or issued by the affiliation listed on the student’s Tiger Portal.

Below is a video demonstrating the registration and scheduling process from Canvas:

Below is a video that reviews these procedures and demonstrates a student’s view of the exam preparation process:

Pricing and Payment 

  • $15 first hour, $7 additional hours; Scheduling less than 24 hours in advance incurs an additional $5 fee
  • Accepted payment methods: Any major credit card, including Discover, AMEX, Mastercard and Visa at the time of scheduling
  • No refunds are granted. Examity is a third party service and billing and service is not operated by Mizzou Academy
  • Look at your exam directions ahead of time for testing duration. You will be required to schedule a time slot the same as the testing duration. Unused time is non-refundable.
  • Examity sessions are scheduled in advance, requiring upfront payment.
  • Examity sessions which are cancelled due to no-shows, inadequate ID or inadequate technology will not be refunded. See the technology requirements below.

Other Policies

  • IEPs and 504 Plans may be accommodated – for example: extra time, allowed items such as food or water,  and text read aloud. However, Mizzou Academy must be aware of needs as soon as possible or your proctor may not allow you to proceed with the exam.
  • Students should verify that they meet the Mizzou Academy policies for exams, including completion of work and progress in course requirements.

Technology Requirements

Examity sessions are scheduled in advance, requiring upfront payment. Before scheduling, please ensure that your ID and technology meets Examity requirements. If you are unsure whether or not they will be accepted, contact Student Support Services. Examity sessions which are cancelled due to inadequate ID or technology will not be refunded.

  • Desktop computer or laptop (not a tablet)
  • Webcam and microphone (built-in or external). You can check this at
  • Connection to network with sufficient internet speed: at least 3 Mbps download speed and 3 Mbps upload. You can test your internet speed at If your internet speed does not meet the requirements, you may not be able to complete the exam.
  • Pop-up blocker should be disabled within your internet browser.
  • Examity will provide system checks if students are uncertain about meeting their technology requirements. It is recommended that the check be performed prior to the exam.

Below are the technology requirements from Examity. For the official and most updated information, students may view the Student page.


Operating System: Mac OS X , Version 10.6 – 10.8
Processor: 2.4GHz Intel processor (Core 2 Duo)
RAM: Minimum 1GB
Internet Speed: 3 MPBs upload and download for simultaneous screen sharing, video and audio conferencing
Browser: Safari® 3.0 or newer, Mozilla® Firefox 4.0 or newer, Google® Chrome 5.0 or newer

Operating System: 2003 Server, XP, Windows Version 7-8
Processor: Minimum 2.4GHz
RAM: Minimum 2GB
Internet Speed: 3 MPBs upload and download for simultaneous screen sharing, video and audio conferencing
Browser: Internet Explorer® 7.0 or newer, Mozilla® Firefox 4.0 or newer, Google® Chrome 5.0 or newer

Procedures During the Exam: 

In addition to the policies on the Exam Proctoring page for Mizzou Academy, Examity policy requires students :

  • Be alone in a private work space (unless you require special accommodations [e.g. IEP or 504]) with a clear desk and area
  • Have an approved device that is connected to a power source
  • Be free of phones, headphones, and dual monitors
  • Remain seated and within view the entire time
  • Students must agree to the Examity User Agreements

Your particular exam may allow for additional materials or devices to be used, and Examity complies with those modifications.

Other Proctoring Options

Please note: Examity is NOT the only testing service available. You may find a proctor in your area if you prefer. For information on how to do this and other options, please see our Exam Proctoring page. Fees (if applicable) and hours vary depending on the proctor you select, and all proctors must be pre-approved through a screening process by Mizzou Academy.