Most courses for grades 8-12 require proctored exams. These exams are supervised by an impartial individual, called a Proctor, who monitors students.

It is important that exams are proctored to maintain academic integrity. Mizzou Academy / University of Missouri High School values fair testing and is dedicated to ensuring that students master essential course concepts and skills.

All of our proctored exams are online. Paper exams are available upon request for an additional processing fee.

Every exam allows a personal whiteboard (aka small dry erase board) and marker for notes. (See example here.) You will need to wipe your board clean in front of the proctor when done. Scrap paper is only allowed on exams that specifically state it is allowed.

Proctoring Format Options

Choose one of the following options when requesting an exam:

  • Find a Proctor in your area and submit the Proctor Verification Form. Please review the Registering a Proctor tab below for eligibility information. Students MUST verify that the Proctor is willing to monitor the exam BEFORE the student requests said Proctor. New Proctors must be verified before we release exam passwords.  Please allow 7-10 days for processing new Proctor information.
  • Register for online proctoring through the external proctoring agency, Examity. Please visit the Examity Online Proctoring page for more information.

Please note: Students MUST verify with the Proctor that they are willing to proctor the student BEFORE submitting the Proctor request. Alternatively, students who choose online proctoring via Examity must register with the system at least 48 hours in advance and verify they can meet all Examity requirements.

If you are unable to arrange for a test proctor under the conditions given above, contact us at (573) 884-3974 or for help.

Note: Courses for students in grades 3-6 do not have proctored exams.


Can I change my proctor?

  • If you want to change your proctor, please contact us. Passwords for exams are sent directly to your proctor. If you change your proctor, the previous password will become invalid and the new approved proctor will receive a replacement exam password.
  • If you registered for online proctoring through Examity, you must log in through your Examity link in Canvas to reschedule or cancel.

What do I need to know as a proctor?

  • Maintaining the academic integrity for exams taken by Mizzou Academy students is crucial. Thank you for being a key part of that assurance.
  • Approved proctors should check their email for information for exams they have agreed to proctor. All individuals who agree to proctor should review the policies to administer exams.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to make testing arrangements.
  • For full information please see our Information for Proctors page.
  • If you have further questions please contact us.

How do I register a new proctor?

Students who do not choose proctoring at the Mizzou Academy Offices or using the online Examity Proctoring service need to request an alternative proctor arrangement. Request approval of proctors by completing the Proctor Verification Form. Students MUST verify with the proctor that they are willing to proctor the exam BEFORE submitting the Proctor Verification Form.

New proctors must be verified before we release exam passwords; please allow 7-10 days for processing new proctor information.

Typically Eligible Proctor Candidates

For students who indicated an affiliate on their course Registration, as long as there is no familial relation, the following are suggested candidates:

  • High school/Middle school academic or guidance counselors
  • Superintendents, high school principals, middle school principals or assistant principals
  • High school teachers
  • Middle school teachers
  • High school librarians
  • Middle school librarians
  • High school athletic coaches
  • Middle school athletic coaches

For students who do have a current working relationship with a local high school and are not able to make arrangements with one of the above, the following are suggested candidates:

  • Professional librarians
  • Embassy education offices
  • Military base or station education offices
  • Testing center administrators
  • Missouri Extension offices
  • College or university testing center administrator
  • Professional, certified tutors

Ineligible Individuals

  • Relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, or employers of the student
  • Military recruiters
  • Assistant coaches or athletic recruiters
  • Unaccredited personal tutors
  • Anyone with a relationship to the student that may result in a conflict of interest in proctoring an exam

Required Information and Eligibility

The student will need the following information for the Proctor Verification Form:

  1. Name of institution
  2. Name of proctor
  3. Title of proctor
  4. Professional emaile-mail of proctor
  5. Phone for proctor

Potential proctors should ensure they meet the requirements above and:

  1. Provide appropriately configured technology
  2. Are at least 21 years of age
  3. Are able to proctor on-site at an educational facility
  4. Will provide a professionally affiliated email address (personal emails not accepted: i.e. Hotmail, Gmail etc.
  5. What happens during the exam?
    1. When the student arrives at the testing site, their identity is to be verified by checking their photo ID, which must be in English and either be government-issued or issued by the affiliation listed on the student’s Tiger Portal. The proctor is to unlock the exam using the password, review the exam instructions with the student, and monitor the student and computer screen while the student is taking the exam.
    2. Students are not permitted access to mobile phones, tablets or other personal electronic devices during the exam, unless they are allowed per exam instructions.
    3. The student must remain under the supervision of the proctor for the entire duration of the exam. If the student elects to have a parent, friend, or chaperone present along with the proctor, they may do so, as long as the student does not interact with that person during the exam. Per Examity policy, students using Examity Online Proctoring services are not permitted to have another person in the room unless they require special accommodations (e.g. IEP or 504). Receiving assistance from any person during an exam is considered cheating and should be reported to  the Principal of Mizzou Academy.
    4. Proctors are NOT ALLOWED to give out exam passwords or copies of the exam to anyone.
    5. Students may not take the exam with unauthorized books, notes, or reference aids of any kind unless specifically stated on the exam instructions in the proctor letter. Proctors are expected to read exam instructions regarding approved testing aids and resources prior to giving exams.
    6. Documented IEP and 504 testing accommodations will apply to Mizzou Academy exams; however, Mizzou Academy must be notified of special accommodations before the exam request is received or your proctor may not allow you to proceed with the exam.
    7. Students may not leave the testing site with any notes taken during the completion of the exam.
    8. Proctors should maintain a full view of the monitor to ensure that only the exam is accessed by the student. Access to the online course lessons and search engines such as Google, etc., is NOT permitted. Visiting unauthorized web sites at any time during the testing period is considered cheating and may result in failure of the course. All such breaches in exam security should be reported to Mizzou Academy.
    9. Proctors are responsible for appropriately documenting and reporting cases of incomplete testing and other incidents, including questions regarding possible breaches of academic integrity.
    10. Students who choose to use the online proctoring service should review the policies and procedures associated with Examity on the Examity Online Proctoring page.