Mizzou Academy offers two purposeful program options for our youngest tigers. 

Licensed Curriculum for Partner Schools 

The partner school curriculum is available for licensing to schools and districts and intended to be delivered and taught and adapted by Classroom Teachers. 

As an inquiry-based program, our partner curriculum puts students at the center of the learning process. In addition to standards-based subject-specific skills, students will also develop global awareness, critical thinking, and leadership skills.

Mizzou Academy partner schools can license specific subjects and grades in the Mizzou Elementary School curriculum. Each grade level and subject includes a rich set of instructional resources to support K-5 learning. 

Throughout this program, elementary learners  will have numerous opportunities to apply these skills as they communicate across cultures and mediums while seeking ways to make a positive difference in their communities.

KindergartenEnglish Language Arts, Mathematics, Science
Grade 1English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science
Grade 2English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science
Grade 3English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies
Grade 4English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies
Grade 5English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies

Learn more about the Mizzou Elementary Partner Schools Curriculum in this overview video created for our school partners in Brazil. Course demos are also available by request. 

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Mizzou Discovery Bundles for Home Learning

Family Activities for Elementary Learners 

Mizzou Academy is thrilled to release new digital learning bundles grounded in global connections. These bundles are themed and leveled to engage elementary learners and their families in exploration, inquiry, and learning. Our discovery bundles are intended for home enrichment, and not a replacement to core curriculum.

Each bundle includes thoughtfully curated activities, online resources, and directions to lead young learners through discoveries in different subjects. In addition to activities, subscribing to a bundle will give you access to our digital library of read-alouds and literacy activities. Family partners will be empowered with step-by-step directions to guide and join their young learners in the discovery process.

As a digital bundle set, in order to access content, you will need a computer with an internet connection. Many families choose to print out our handouts and reading materials so access to a printer is recommended. Mizzou Academy activities call for everyday home materials such as markers, watercolors, and popsicle sticks. Bundles include a detailed list with all required materials for the activities.

Coming September 2022! Science Bundles 

Mizzou Discovery Bundles Cubs Tigers Cats
  • Curious Cubs—As young scientists explore the My Planet, My Home Science Bundles, they will discover answers to their questions about our Earth and its energy.
  • Determined Tigers—Our Amazing Earth science bundles appeal to the young scientist who wants to know more about the different environments on our planet. Both land and water biomes will be explored.
  • Creative Cats— The discoveries from the Exploring Global Environments Science Bundles create excitement for scientists who want to answer big questions about how we can appreciate and take care of Earth’s land and aquatic biomes.

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