Transforming Literacy Education for Today and Tomorrow

The overarching goal of the Missouri Language and Literacies Center (MLLC) is to transform education to meet the complex language and literacies needs of the 21st century.

The MLLC gathers University of Missouri scholars from various disciplines and across UM system campuses with invested stakeholders from Missouri Public Schools to bring contemporary, research-based understandings of language and literacy into preK-12 classrooms.

The language and literacy skills students need to be successful have changed dramatically over the past 30 years. Today, politicians tweet national policy, being a YouTuber is a lucrative profession, and memes serve as vehicles of social change. In addition to supporting all students’ reading and writing development with standard English print literacy, we must prepare teachers to support students for the linguistically and textually complex world we all live in.

The MLLC will host a range of ongoing collaborative projects and professional development opportunities to positively impact language and literacy learning in Missouri schools, its rural, suburban, and urban communities, and beyond.

The beginning cadre of faculty comes from linguistics, theatre, reading, and preK-12 language and literacy studies. Our interdisciplinary team of lead faculty and affiliate members bring contemporary arts-based learning approaches, extensive linguistics knowledge, decades of reading and writing research and teaching expertise, as well as knowledge in related fields such as journalism and digital storytelling. By using a more expansive view of language and literacies the MLLC not only invests in Missouri teachers’ language and literacy content and teaching knowledge but also invests in Missouri’s economic and civic future.

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