Fall semesters

Design and Analysis of Research in ISLT: Required as one of your three doctoral seminars.
Read and analyze a variety of research studies in our discipline in order to learn to propose and write your own research proposal.

Spring semesters — Rotation of the following Topics

Human Centered Computing Interactions (Spring 2023)
Human Centered Computer Interaction (HCCI) is a discipline concerned with the design, evaluation, and implementation of interactive computing systems for human use and with the study of major phenomena surrounding these systems. This course provides an introduction to the HCI field while focusing on the use and adaptation of existing HCCI theories and research to a range of interface design problems.
Human Information Behavior (Spring 2022)
Among the important tasks of information professionals is a need to identify, analyze and model the users of information. In this course the students will be introduced to the theories and techniques of human information behavior that have emerged within the field of library and information science. The students will also learn about how the study of human information behavior relates to other fields, such as education, psychology, decision-making, and communications.
Research Apprenticeship in Technology, Information, and Education (Spring 2021)
This doctoral seminar will provide students with the opportunity to engage in a full-fledged research study in the intersection of technology, information and education. The seminar is setup to work together as a project team in which we will develop specific and a common set of research questions, design our study, work on an approved study to collect data, and analyze the data. Each student will be producing a research paper like as it would be published in a journal or proceedings paper. Class sections and online activities are designed for students to experience research question formulation, considerations for research design and engagement with the body of literature in the subject to be researched.