Are you looking for a Ph.D. Program? Are you interested in educational games? Would you like to make a difference in how students engage in school? Do you want a future in the design, development and research of games in education?

If you answer yes to these questions, we have an invitation for you!

The Mission HydroSci (MHS) project (housed in the School of Information Science and Learning Technology – SISLT) is developing a science education game for middle school students. See our website

Mission Hydro Science game screenshot

We are looking for Ph.D. students interested in games in education to join our project as paid Graduate Research Assistants (GRA).

An MHS GRA will (1) support and participate in design and development activities, (2) assist our team in evaluating the game for opportunities for improvement, limitations and bugs; and (3) lead student testing efforts in our lab and in classrooms. GRAs will also have the chance to help shape a research agenda and potentially find dissertation research opportunities in the MHS project.

For more information on MHS and the opportunity to work as a GRA contact Joe Griffin at

For information about applying to the SISLT Ph.D. program, and potential faculty advisors, contact Dr. Rose Marra at

For further information about applying for our Ph.D. Program in the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies, check the website:

Deadline for applying for the Phd is February 15, 2022; express your interest in the MHS project in your application.