Photo of Dr. Alex Urban

Dr. Alex Urban used a multi-method approach and virtual reality (VR) technology to investigate how and to what extent awe fosters curiosity and exploration. Awe is a sense of enormity that alludes comprehension. Because of awe’s properties as a knowledge emotion, awe elicitors can increase awareness of knowledge gaps, boost scientific interest, and promote inquiry. He discovered, however, the relationship between awe and exploratory behavior, such as information seeking, remains unclear.

Photo of Dr. Devon Whetstone

Dr. Devon Whetstone analyzed qualitative content to trace the development of information literacy construct definitions in seminal research documents over the past half-century. An information-literate population is a fundamental component of modern society, but what does it mean to be information-literate? Definitions and frameworks for education programs are heavily debated within the information literacy research community. Through the lens of Thomas Kuhn’s theory of scientific revolutions, her dissertation examined the progress of the information literacy research domain using scientometric methods.

Photo of Dr. Grace Zhou Seo

Dr. Grace Zhou Seo employed an exploratory two-case study design to examine how higher education institutions sustain Open Education Resource initiatives. For the past decade, a growing movement has been promising to transform higher education: the Open Education Resource (OER) movement. The awareness of OER has increased in U.S. higher education. OER activists and leaders have seen OER development has the potential as an innovative tool for making education affordable to the masses, improving student access to education, and enhancing student success through OER-enabled pedagogy. Many educational institutions have supported OER creation and use and have launched their initiatives to provide services and funding for professors to adopt, adapt, and create OER. While there are many positive impacts of OER, the challenges of sustaining OER have become prominent.