Information Experience Laboratory

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IE Lab Team — Research Assistants and Director: (left-to-right) Yen-Mei Lee, Nathan Riedel, Minh Pham, Carl Hewitt, Gayathri Sadanala, Hao He, and Isa Jahnke (Research Director).The Information Experience Laboratory (IE Lab, founded in 2003, first usability lab in Missouri) is a learning design and user experience laboratory, as well as an enterprise for research, teaching and service in technology and pedagogical usability. The IE Lab has the mission to improve learning technologies, information and communication systems. We conduct research and evaluate digital technology for clients in diverse fields such as journalism, healthcare, computer science, engineering and education. The IE lab offers hands-on training conducting usability studies in real-world settings as our faculty and student practitioners working on projects with clients together.

The IE Lab has expertise in:

  • human-centered design (Human-Computer Interaction, HCI),
  • usability evaluation,
  • user experience (UX) and learner experience (LX) in the field of learning design and technologies, and
  • sociotechnical integration analysis — how technology impacts workflow change.

We apply a variety of usability and UX methods including Think Aloud, Task Analysis, Focus Groups and experimental settings. We also offer workshops, professional consulting, usability courses, and internship opportunities.

Visit the IE Lab website for further information, contact us via email at, Dr. Marra at or Dr. Moore at Meet us in our new location in 119 Townsend Hall, on campus of the University of Missouri-Columbia.