The Hook Center for Educational Leadership and District Renewal, endowed by Harold S. Hook in 2004, is an initiative of the University of Missouri College of Education focused on leadership, management, governance, and policy. Drawing on the immense pool of talented researchers and practitioners affiliated with the college, as well as our associated partners, the Hook Center translates research and experience into best practices that help educators more effectively manage and operate schools.

The Hook Center’s focus areas are institutions, policy, and leaders:

  • Institutions –improving the system of education and the strategies for leading and managing individual schools, districts, or colleges.
  • Policy –improving public policies related to innovative and effective school governance.
  • Leaders –talent development of principals, superintendents, board members, and other educational leaders.

The Hook Center is driven by the belief there are already myriad “solutions” and “interventions” in the educational leadership market space – many of them supported by research. However, educational systems are often ill-equipped to implement even proven ideas, much less develop promising new ones.

Inspired by Hook, who created a system of key concepts as a tool for communicating his immense management knowledge, the Hook Center is likewise focused on capturing the best knowledge related to school management and translating these models into actionable methods to help continuously improve schools.