Summer 2020: six weeks from mid-June through July

Immerse yourself in the cultural and educational environment of India with a six-week school internship in Bangalore. This program offers you a unique opportunity to sharpen your intercultural understanding and enhance your global competence by engaging in a collaborative educational endeavor with a teacher at one of four partner schools: 

Experience India’s history, rich traditions, and complex culture as you learn about its educational system and contribute to our partner schools’ efforts to increase opportunities for experiential learning, development of critical thinking skills, and global stewardship.

Language, Culture, and History

You will become acquainted with India before you arrive as the pre-departure orientation includes a brief introduction to Indian culture, history, and educational system. Even though SIL Ethnologue recognizes 415 “Living Languages of India,” English is widely spoken and understood, especially in its cosmopolitan cities. You may expand your own global linguistic repertoire by learning some words and phrases from your students and colleagues whose native language might be one of India’s 1,576 classified “mother tongues.” Most students and teachers speak at least one language other than English. 


Undergraduate: LTC 4800 – Education and Cultural Experience Abroad – India

Students will work in a collaborative setting with a K-12 educator in the host country. This teaching abroad experience is part of the College’s global engagement initiative and is designed to guide students through personal and professional reflection prior to and during the journey, and upon re-entry to the U.S. Primary components of this experience include research, discussion, in-country observations, guided reflections, and co-teaching experiences with a focus on international education and culture. 6 credit hours.

Graduate: LTC 7800 – Education and Cultural Experience Abroad – India 

Students will be placed in accordance with their field of study at one of our partner schools or agencies in the host country. This international educational experience is part of the College’s global engagement efforts and is designed to guide students through personal and professional reflection prior to and during the journey, and upon re-entry to the U.S. Primary components of this experience include research, discussion, in-country observations, guided reflections, and in-school experiences with a focus on international education and culture. 3-6 credit hours.

Prerequisites: 2.8 minimum cumulative GPA and admission into Phase II at MU or to the teacher preparation program at home institution.

Program Schedule

subject to change

JUN 10WEDDeparture from the US. Departure city may be Columbia, St. Louis or Kansas City, based on best available pricing.
JUN 11THUIn travel status.
JUN 12FRIArrival in Bangalore. Dinner hosted by Gen Next Education.
JUN 13SATIn country orientation led by Gen Next Education and MU faculty.
JUN 14SUNGuided tour of Bangalore led by Gen Next Education.
JUN 15-17MON-WEDVisits to each partner school and classroom/school observations.
JUN 18-19THU-FRISchool observations at each student’s placement site.
JUN 20-21SAT-SUNCultural excursion to Mysore led by Gen Next Education.
JUN 22-26MON-FRIClassroom collaborations.
JUN 27-28SAT-SUNLeisure*
JUN 29-JUL 3MON-FRIClassroom collaborations.
JUL 4-5sat-SUNLeisure*
JUL 6-7MON-WEDClassroom collaborations.
JUL 8-12THU-SUNCultural excursion to Dehli-Noida-Agra.
JUL 13-17MON-FRIClassroom collaborations.
JUL 18-19SAT-SUNLeisure*
JUL 20-24MON-FRIClassroom collaborations and farewell events.
JUL 25SATLeisure*
JUL 26-27SUN-MONDeparture from Bangalore.

*Dates marked as “leisure” allow for flexible planning of cultural activities to attend as a large group or in smaller groups in or around Bangalore.

Note: The itinerary and estimated budget are accurate as of the publication date of this program information. This schedule and costs are subject to change as deemed necessary. This relatively small risk must be accepted by participants due to the nature of this program’s extensively planned itinerary.

On-Site Schedule

The schedule for your school internship in India will be provided upon arrival by the school. Your internship will be structured to provide ample opportunity to interact with school leaders, teachers, and students. Also, the schedule is intended to provide ample time and opportunity for students to explore local culture on their own to experience the many wonders of India.

Estimated Budget

Subject to change

Mandatory deposit$200$200
Round trip airfare
St. Louis – Bangalore /
Delhi – St. Louis (estimate)
MU tuition based on 2019-20 in-state undergraduate rates (estimated for 6 credit hours)$1,727$1,727
College of Education Course fee$312$312
Technology fee$83$83
Required health insurance$64$64
*Program fee (billed to student account)$4,300$4,300
MU International Center study abroad fee$125$125
India Visa (paid at time visa app is submitted)$75$75
Estimated student cost$4,500$2,311$2,075$8,886

*Program fee includes:

  • Bangalore lodging with breakfast 
  • Hired transportation to and from schools and airport transfer 
  • Arrival and departure dinners as well as some group meals
  • Lunch at partner schools
  • Cultural excursions in Mysore, Bangalore and surrounding areas
  • Domestic flight and cultural excursion to Delhi, Agra and the Taj Mahal
  • International Knowledge Center Support

For visiting, non-resident students, non-resident fees will be reduced by 80%. The remainder 20% is the full responsibility of the student. Visiting students must pay their total program costs before departing for India.

Additional Costs may include:

  • General living expenses (additional transportation, meals, shopping) 
  • Passport 
  • Immunizations

Disclaimer: The MU College of Education reserves the right to make any changes to this program as deemed necessary to insure its quality and the safety of all participants. It also reserves the right to cancel the program if it does not meet minimum enrollment.

Pre-departure orientation

Prior to the departure for India, orientation sessions will be held on the MU campus in the spring. Attendance is required. Visiting students from other campuses who cannot attend in person must connect via Skype. The purpose of the orientation sessions will be to learn fundamental concepts of international education and to become acquainted with the culture and educational system of India.

Prior to departure, participants will be introduced to their school principals in Bangalore and begin communicating remotely with them in preparation for their internship. The orientation will be important, because the school internship will require your thoughtful reflection of educational settings, practices, and strategies, as you prepare for and then experience the classroom environment in India. The orientation sessions will involve you in researching and reviewing information regarding India and its educational system. 

Additionally, the classes will be a great way to get acquainted with your travel peers and learn about the Indian cultural and educational environment. Part of each class will be devoted to orienting you to safety, packing, money, clothes and cultural adjustments. Prior to each class, you will be asked to read provided informational documents. During each session, issues for discussion/analysis will be identified that will be raised with the school teachers and administrators when we are on site.

NOTE: This course is considered a summer course even though its orientation sessions are conducted during spring semester. Educational fees for 6 summer semester credit hours are costs you would normally see on your summer bill. Actual fees for the summer semester are set by the MU Board of Curators during their April meeting. Be sure to consult with your academic advisor about your participation in this summer program.

Travel Policies and Student Responsibilities 

Expenses, including lodging, due to delays or cancellations of scheduled flights are the responsibility of the individual student. The MU College of Education and MU will not be responsible for any costs resulting from travel arrangements made by the student. The program will arrange transport to and from the housing in Bangalore. Any student who arrives late due to missing the program-arranged flight will be responsible for any costs incurred due to late arrival and will follow the contingency plan to transport themselves from the Bangalore airport to the designated housing. Students arriving late or departing early will not receive any program refunds. Contracts with the housing, transportation and tour providers do not permit the recovery of such refunds. Students who are concerned about costs they might incur due to weather delays or flight cancellations are encouraged to buy travel insurance.

If a student’s arrival in Bangalore is delayed due to a flight rescheduling or cancellation beyond his/her control, faculty leader will make every effort to work with the student to ensure that the student receives full academic credit for the course. We have scheduled the arrival time to provide students ample time to get situated in Bangalore before the beginning of their internship. 

Flight Purchase: We will be working with a travel agency to secure the best purchase price for the tickets. Once you are admitted into the program, please make sure and set aside about $2,000 or an equivalent line of credit to finalize your purchase when instructed to do so.

Note: The international portion of this program starts when the group boards the plane in the U.S. and ends when the group arrives. By signing up for this program, you are accepting the financial risk and expenses that may be associated with flight delays, cancellations, or other travel uncertainties. Students should be financially prepared to pay for the cost of delayed departures and missing connections (if applicable). Travel insurance is available online for students who desire to purchase travel insurance protection against the cost of travel delays and uncertainties. If you choose to engage in other international travel before or after the program, you are considered enrolled in the program from the time you arrive in Bangalore to when the group departs from Delhi.

Requirements and Eligibility

  1. 2.8 minimum cumulative GPA.
  2. Mizzou Ed students must be admitted into Phase II prior to their departure.
  3. Students must be in good academic standing with no current disciplinary sanctions.
  4. Participants will need a valid passport with an expiration date greater than six months after the expected return date.
  5. India requires a visa to enter the country to participate in this program. You will complete your visa application online with support from the Global Engagement Team. The cost of the visa will be at the student’s expense.
  6. You will be expected to complete the International Center’s online seminar and assessment for study abroad programs.
  7. You will be asked to sign a liability release form and medical release form (MU International Center).
  8. You must meet minimum health insurance requirements set by the University; therefore you will be enrolled in the University’s Geo Blue Health plan for the duration of the program. You will receive an insurance card and you will be expected to visit the Geo Blue website and familiarize yourself with the plan and procedures for health emergencies.
  9. You will engage in acceptable behavior as outlined in the MU student conduct manual and the MU “Conditions of Participation and Program Acceptance” form.
  10. Students receiving travel awards from the college must participate in all aspects of the program and complete all coursework to receive full funding.
  11. Students are responsible for all property facilitated to them while in India including but not limited to housing, furnishings, and cell phones. Costs incurred due to loss or damage to property will be billed to the student.
  12. While enrolled in the program, students must utilize housing accommodations provided.