The Christopher Slaten Research Lab is a collaborative research group that examines the need to belong in the lives of youth and emerging adults with an emphasis on educational settings and marginalized populations.  The lab, as a collective, has been responsible for peer-reviewed publications, national and international presentations, and book chapters on the topic.  The collective brings together faculty in multiple departments on campus, undergraduate students, and graduate students.  Please contact graduate assistant Alexis Rhames if you are interested in more information and/or joining our biweekly center meetings.

Selected Publications

* denotes graduate student; ^ denotes faculty affiliate

Slaten, C.D.,^Rose, C.A., *Elison, Z., & Chui, M.M. (in-press).  Understanding the connection between youth belonging, resilience, and self-regulatory learning. Educational & Child Psychology.

Slaten, C.D.,^Rose, C.A., & *Ferguson, J.K.  (in-press).  Understanding the relationship between youths belonging and bullying behavior: An SEM Model.  Educational & Child Psychology.

Slaten, C.D., ^Rose, C.A., ^Bonifay, W., & *Ferguson, J. (2018).  Milwaukee youth belongingness scale: item response theory analysis.  School Psychology Quarterly. Advanced online publication.

Slaten, C.D., *Elison, Z.M., Deemer, E., & *Hughes, H. (2017). The development and validation of the university belonging questionnaire (UBQ).  Journal of Experimental Education.

Slaten, C.D., *Elison, Z. M., Lee, J.Y., Yough, M., & ^Scalise, D.A. (2016).  Belonging on campus: A qualitative inquiry of Asian international students. The Counseling Psychologist, 44, 383-410.

Slaten, C.D. & Baskin, T.W. (2014). Examining the impact of peer and family belongingness on the career decision-making difficulties of young adults:  A path analytic approach. Journal of Career Assessment, 21, 59-74.

Selected Presentations

* denotes graduate student; ^ denotes faculty affiliate

*Sebastian, B., & Slaten, C.D.(2018). The Influence of Cultural Awareness and Belongingness on Academic Self-Efficacy among College Students. Poster presentation at the American Psychological Association Conference, San Francisco, CA.

*Onwonga, J.R., & Slaten, C.D.(2018).  Psychosocial Effects of Cultural Orientation and Ethnic Identity on Kenyan-Born Youth in America.  Poster presentation at the American Psychological Association Conference, San Francisco, CA.

*Sebastian, B., Slaten, C.D., ^Rose, C.A. (2018).  Understanding the Influence of Online Racial Discrimination on Self-Esteem Through the Sense of Belonging. Poster presentation at the American Educational Association Conference, New York, NY.

Slaten, C.D.(2017).  The importance of school counseling: how school counselors assist helping students make career decisions and plan course selection.  Keynote Address at the National Conference for Vocational Guidance, Guangzhou, CH.

Slaten, C.D.,Ferguson, J.*, & Allen, K.A. (2017). School Belonging: A Brief Review of the History, Current State, and Future Directions. Poster presentation at the American Psychological Association Conference, Washington, DC.

Ferguson, J.*, Onwonga, J.*, Sebastian, B.*, & Slaten, C.D. (2017).  Understanding the Black and White Male Experience of Race-Related Campus Protest.  Poster presentation at the American Psychological Association Conference, Washington, DC.

Slaten, C.D.(2017). Understanding University Belonging and its impact on student academic and psychosocial outcomes. Invited presentation at Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara, CA.

Sebastian, B.*, & Slaten, C.D.(2017). Understanding exercise motivation in college students through belongingness and self-efficacy.  Poster presentation at the American Psychological Association Conference, Washington, DC.          

Slaten, C.D.,^Rose, C.A., Ferguson, J.*, & Preast, J.* (2017). Understanding the Relationship Between Youth Sense of Belonging and Bullying: A Structural Equation Model. Paper session at the American Educational Research Association Conference, San Antonio, TX.

Funding Awarded

Conscious Discipline: a program evaluation of an SEL program for teachers and students impacting emotion regulation, belonging, and overall school climate.  Funding Source: Community Partnership of the Ozarks (Springfield, MO), Total Amount: $200,000.  Awarded 2018.

Understanding the job satisfaction of school counselors and their compatibility and comfort with the ASCA model.  Funding source: Missouri School Counseling Association (MSCA).  Total Amount: $3,600.  Awarded 2019.