The University of Missouri Statewide Cooperative EdD Program is an innovative, cohort-based program in educational leadership. This professional doctorate enhances knowledge and competencies of leaders in PK-20+ educational organizations. The emphasis of the doctor of education program is on developing effective, thoughtful and reflective practitioners who are competent in identifying and solving complex problems of practice in educational settings.


  • Doctor of education (EdD)
    • This degree is in educational leadership and policy analysis with an emphasis in educational leadership.


We work with four partner institutions to deliver the program at locations throughout the state of Missouri:

  • Missouri State University
  • Northwest Missouri State University
  • Southeast Missouri State University
  • University of Central Missouri

Students are employed full time as educational leaders while in the program, and many remain in their current positions following graduation, often receiving a pay raise for completing an advanced degree. Several of our students have also received promotions while in the program or soon after graduating, and some have even transitioned into higher level positions within other educational organizations.

Cohorts of students are admitted every two years, and each cohort progresses through two years of course work together. Courses are delivered in person at sites around the state and online through the use of distance technologies.

EdD vs. PhD: What Are the Differences?

The doctor of education (EdD) is different from a doctor of philosophy (PhD) in the following ways:

  • This EdD emphasizes developing practitioners who solve complex problems in education. The PhD emphasizes scholarship and research.
  • The EdD develops knowledge for practice. The PhD fosters theoretical and conceptual knowledge.
  • The EdD does not include an internship, and the students’ workplaces serve as laboratories of practice. The PhD program typically encourage students to complete research internships.
  • The dissertation-in-practice for the EdD is applied research with substantial value for informing educational practice. It reflects the theory and/or knowledge for addressing decision-oriented problems in applied settings. A PhD dissertation is original research illustrating a mastery of concepts and theories, with the clear goal of informing knowledge within the field.