Functional Assessment Checklist for Teachers and Staff (FACTS)

Posted in: Behavior Assessments – Diagnostic

The FACTS (March et al., 2000) is a brief semi-structured functional assessment interview form, intended to support identification of (a) problem behaviors to be targeted for intervention, (b) the antecedents of these target behaviors, and (c) the consequences that have maintained these behaviors via positive or negative reinforcement. The FACTS is intended to inform the development of behavior intervention plans, as data may be used to select or design interventions that are aligned with the function of a particular student’s behavior.

The manner in which the FACTS is used in a school setting partly depends on the stakes of the decision at hand. If the decision is high stakes, such as a manifestation determination or the development of a Tier 3 behavior intervention plan, then the FACTS should be used as one of several data collection methods within a broader multi-method, multi-informant functional behavior assessment (FBA) process. In this scenario, the FACTS should likely be used as an initial assessment, with collected information used to inform future assessment efforts. For instance, the FACTS could be used to identify routines within which problem behavior is most likely, and thus should be targeted for systematic direct observations. If the decision is comparatively lower stakes, such as the selection of a Tier 2 intervention, then the FACTS may be used as a sole source of functional information. Use of the FACTS at Tier 2 as a sole FBA method is a somewhat common practice in many schools implementing Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). The efficiency of the measure supports its use at scale across a large number of students without inappropriately taxing limited staff time and resources.

EBA Brief for Functional Assessment Checklist for Teachers and Staff (FACTS)