The graduate certificate in qualitative research will prepare doctoral students in the theory, design and implementation of qualitative research. Qualitative research methodologies, which use methods such as

  • interviews
  • observation
  • focus groups
  • document analysis
  • discourse analysis
  • and multi-modal analysis

offer new strategies for scholarship and research that contribute greatly to the body of professional and academic research.

Graduates will be poised to be leaders in their perspective fields and share with others, through future scholarship, the contributions of qualitative methodologies and methods to their discipline.


Earning of a Certificate in Qualitative Research (CQR) requires students to complete 18 hours of approved coursework, as outlined below, with a grade of at least a B in all courses. In addition, because the CQR is for degree-seeking doctoral students, the student is expected to be in “good standing” with her or his current degree program. The CQR committee must approve the completion of the following plan of study.
• Qualitative Research Methods 1*
• Qualitative Research Methods 2 (3 Credit Hours)
• Combination Advanced Methodology, Theory, and/or Methods in Qualitative Research (Min. 12 Credit Hours)
• Qualitative Research Internship (Minimum 3 Credit Hours)
*Qualitative Research 1 is a prerequisite and does not count towards the 18 credit hours for the CQR
The plan of study form should be submitted before classes are taken.

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Plan of study form

Completion form

Sample Form for Application for Graduate Change of Program, Degree, Emphasis, or Adviser

When adding the Certificate of Qualitative Research on the Application for Graduate Change form, the academic program for the new program/department is Learning, Teaching, & Curriculum;  the emphasis area is Qualitative Research; and for degree, just mark an X by Grad Cert. Please see sample above when filling out this form.

  • The completion form must be submitted after the coursework on the initial plan of study form is completed. The certificate must be approved no later than one semester prior to conferral of degree. For example, if the student graduates in May the completion form must be submitted by the Oct. 1 deadline.
  • In addition to submitting the completion form, students need to fill out two forms for the Graduate School in order for the certificate to be approved by the Graduate School. See information about these additional forms on the completion form.
  • Students are welcome to turn in handwritten forms scanned as a PDF.

Form deadlines

Students must submit both forms (initial plan of study and completion form) by:

  • Oct. 1 for fall term
  • March 1 for spring term


Additional information about faculty members involved with Mizzou Ed’s Qualitative Research Consortium (QuaRC).

For more information about the certificate in qualitative research, email