Educator Dispositions at Mizzou

The teacher education program at MU works with preservice teachers to prepare them for the dispositions necessary to realize the MU College of Education strategic plan and satisfy the college’s vision for the responsibilities of professional educators.

The Mizzou Education Disposition Manual can be found here. It describes the processes used to assess and provide formative feedback to develop and enhance MU’s preservice teachers.

Educator Dispositions Assessment Training Video:

Mizzou uses the Educator Dispositions Assessment (EDA). The nine dispositions that are addressed by the EDA are:

  1. Demonstrates effective oral communication skills
  2. Demonstrates effective written communication skills
  3. Demonstrates professionalism
  4. Demonstrates positive and enthusiastic attitude
  5. Demonstrates preparedness in teaching and learning
  6. Exhibits an appreciation and value for cultural and academic diversity
  7. Collaborates effectively with stakeholders
  8. Demonstrates self-regulated learner behaviors/takes initiative
  9. Exhibits the social and emotional intelligence to promote personal and educational goals/stability

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Key Assessments

As part of the College’s continuous improvement efforts to support student success and program improvement, key assessments will be used as a formative measure to help delineate how students are performing in relation to specific curriculum standards and expectations at a particular point in their program. These assessments are course-embedded assignments developed across multiple courses. Students will receive more detailed information about these assignments from their respective course instructors. 

Key Assessment Canvas Site Resources:


Follow the instructions below to access Tableau. (Please note that only certain faculty and staff in the College have been granted access to the dashboard.)

  1. Go to
  2. Enter username and password.
    • Username:\MU pawprint (do not forget “\” prefix)
    • Password: Your MU account password
  1. Select CEDUC folder
  2. Click on any of the dashboards available to view. Some of them include several related dashboards as separate tabs.


  • Pass Scores 
    • If completed after August 31, 2015 for the various subtests. Note: You must pass all subtests.
      • Mathematics: 220 or above
      • Reading Comprehension and Interpretation: 220 or above
      • Science and Social Studies: 220 or above
      • Writing: 220 or above
    • If completed prior to August 31, 2015 for the various subtests. Note: You must pass all subtests. 
      • English Language Arts: 220 or above
      • Mathematics: 202 or above
      • Science: 220 or above
      • Social Studies: 202 or above
      • Writing: 220 or above
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