State Subsidies

When capacity allows, Adventure Club accepts children receiving childcare subsidies from the Family Support Division. Please contact our office before enrolling to verify we have space for your child. If accepted, contact your caseworker and inform them your children attends Adventure Club and the DVN associated with the school.

Families are responsible for any tuition fees not covered by state reimbursement, sliding fees, or funding secured by Adventure Club to offset costs. Adventure Club attendance policy requires that children attend at least 30 minutes per day and miss no more than five days per month. Attendance infractions are assessed at the daily rate each time a child attends 29 minutes (or less per day) and beginning with the 6th absence. Adventure Club reserves the right to dismiss or suspend families that do not adhere to policies. Please see our Family Handbook for specific details.


School DVN School DVN School
Beulah Ralph 002590763 Midway 000315751 Rock Bridge 000439243
Cedar Ridge 000546958 Mill Creek 000397397 Russell 000358787
Fairview 000546949 Parkade 000439029 Shepard 000315788
Grant 000272584 Paxton Keeley 001701340    
Locust Street 000546930 Ridgeway 000477425